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one pound fish

5 reasons the 1 Pound Fish Video went viral

I don’t know if you have seen it yet, but there is this new video with millions of views title “1 pound fish”. Apparently this guy sells fish in an English marketplace. He has created [..]

Social Media Marketing Ideas as the Prime Time Strategy to Gain Worldwide Audience

The 5 Social Media Prime Times

Marketing 101 taught us all to know our audience.  I’ve taken it one step further by making my clients identify their perfect customer. You see, we waste so much time trying to cast a broad marketing [..]

Online Marketing Ideas: Facebook Syndication

Rock Star Closer Radio: The Facebook Syndicate

Last Tuesday my friend Kent Littlejohn was nice enough to invite me to give a webinar to his sphere of influence. He asked me to share my facebook syndicate program with everyone. We promoted the webinar [..]