| 2.13.2014

How Social Media Takes the COLD out of Cold Calling

If you say you like cold-calling you’re a got-dammed liar!!! No one likes smilin and dialin. They only do it because they make money from it or because they have to. Worse yet, no one likes getting cold called. It’s not like anyone wakes up and says “I’m going to buy shit from a random stranger that bothers me on the phone today.” Think about it…    

When cold calling, one of the biggest struggles and the first thing most salesmen strive to do is create a bond of familiarity. We attempt to find common ground with our prospect. Even if it’s a love for the same sports team. We’ll do anything just to work an “angle”.

Cold-callers have to work 200 times harder than everyone else. First you must get past the 86% of people who just don’t answer their phone. Second you have to find common ground quickly. Third you must work angles and tactics to get your suspect/prospect to buy. It’s a grueling process that leads to more self loath. The last thing a salesman needs is stress. We got enough of it already.

Social Media Puts An End To All Of These Problems

Ever notice that magnifying glass on every single social media site ever? It’s called a “search bar” and you can type words in it. After you type words in it, it searches for those words on the innerwebs. When you search facebook, twitter and instagram for words like “real estate” or “for sale” you find things like real estate and shit for sale. Pretty fucking amazing huh?  

What about using the search feature to find your target prospects? If you knew what to search for you could connect with people who could use what ever in the hell it is you sell. Instead of calling 100s to find one, you could go in like a sniper and save your bullets.  facebook phone

Once you search out and connect with new potential clients, don’t go for the throat immediately. It’s so annoying when I accept a friend request only to be spammed some for sale link 5 mins later. Trust me, no one’s buying shit in that fashion.  

Social media mirrors real life. Just like you wouldn’t meet someone for the first time and say “HEY I HAVE STUFF FOR SALE. YOU SHOULD BUY IT. LOOK AT THIS.” Don’t do it on social media. Just like in real life you have to take time to get to know someone. Communicate with them and earn their trust. Show them you’re the go to guy when they need your shit.

Here’s how to do just that…

Start treating facebook like real life. When someone says something at a party that makes you laugh, you say “that’s funny” or some shit. Do the same thing on facebook or any SM site for that matter. When you see a post you like, like it. When you want to chime in on someone else’s post, do it.



Be social.

After a few days of liking, commenting, and engaging someone on social media, then it’s time to reach out to them via direct message. But wait. Still not with some “buy my shit” scheme. We need to be more methodical if you are going to succeed at sales on social media. If you do it wrong, they will blast your intentions all over the web. If you do it right, you could pull tons of cash, by adding tons of value to the right people.  

You’re going to reach out to them and mention something you noticed they posted about recently. Maybe you strike up a conversation about their favorite sports team. Maybe you mention the photo of their kid. Oh wait, that would be creepy as fuck. Don’t do that. Chris Matthews will show up on you. All joking aside, use their recent post content to gain that familiarity bond.  

See. Wasn’t that much easier? Being a sniper is way easier on the stress level then being the frontline guy charging through the door with a machine gun. Besides, social media is NLP programed to be a positive experience. After all, you’re friends, right? People like buying from friends. A cold call comes from a stranger. No one’s supposed to talk to strangers.  

If you’d like to master the art of selling via social media, I can help you. I’m pretty, pretty good at it. I’ve got a knack for breaking down barriers and showing others how to create a cult like audience on social media. If you’d like my help reach out to me. What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below.

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