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What do I do? I work like a motherfucker in business and in my home. I cuss a lot. I smoke, drink and occasionally say things that may piss you off. I've been told I'm one funny sonofabitch too. My Job: I'm the best in the world at what I do. I help high-level sales people (mostly in the real estate industry in one form or another) reach levels of achievement in their work and home lives they never imagined possible. I raise leaders who have so much confidence about themselves and what they do, they operate from a space of POWER that few on this planet even know exist. Yea! I'm that guy. My Family: I have the CUTEST kid EVER too. I know we all say that shit, BUT I MEAN IT. My son Jax is also a better salesman than I am (ask Sean Mathies) he's the future!!! My Strategy Here: I don't just say random shit on here for my own ego. (ok maybe sometimes) I'm doing my part to bring information and understanding to a society that needs it. I'm on here to attract the right people and repel the rest. If you don't like me or what I have to say, I completely understand if you never come back. Never take what happens on here personally. Just move on and get over it. I believe we are leaving our legacy here on the internet. An online journal of our thoughts with social proof and interaction. It's a beautiful, amazing thing that our future generations will thank us for. eat your heart out. Lastly: While you're here, read some shit and buy some shit

How The Latest Major Marketing Shift Affects You Directly

Have you noticed a difference in the posts you’ve seen lately in your newsfeed?  If you haven’t, you’re not paying close enough attention.  Facebook’s algorithm is more intuitive than ever. With every post, like and comment from you, me and the other billion plus users, facebook’s software gets smarter. Evernote Camera Roll 20150323 170046


The reason facebook’s software continues to gain intelligence about us at an alarming rate has nothing to do with big brother.  It does however, have everything to do with spying on us.  But in a good way.


Facebook is nothing more than a website.  The most profitable way to monetize a website is by advertising on it.  The more time users spend on the website, the more ads the website can show them, which means the more money they can charge advertisers. 


On facebook today, the most common type of advertisement is CPM. CPM stands for cost per thousand, M represents the Roman Numeral 1000.  For every 1000 times an ad is shown online, which happens in seconds in some cases, the advertiser is charged an amount determined by the average media by on facebook at the time.


In short, the more time  you spend on facebook, the more ads they can push through your news feed, the more ad money they can charge, the happier Wall St is. You and I both know that Wall St is never happy though.


When facebook came to be a mainstream site in 2008 or so, it was one of only a few social media sites.  Twitter was just catching steam and snapchat didn’t even exist yet.  When instagram popped up, facebook quickly overpaid for it at the time.  They saw the trend coming.


Before we knew it, Pinterest, snapchat, whatsapp, kix and a million other sites seemed to pop up overnight.  All going head to head (so they think) with facebook for eyes and advertisers. Even google got in the game at one point with G+.  


While facebook has a lot of competition now days, they still remain the undisputed champion of social media.  People just  use it differently than before and it serves different purposesdepending on the demographic.


Young people 30 and under, use facebook less than most.  When they log onto facebook they are usually just checking messages or searching for someone.  Teens and 20 somethings mainly use facebook as a sort of yellow pages of the internet.


The 31-50 age range uses facebook almost daily.  Well, not all of them, but a large majority of them.  Most of us in this age range started facebook when we were college age.  We got on right in the beginning and have seen all the changes happen first hand.  FB is our go-to social media preference.  All of our friends and family are on there with us.


The 51+ is the fastest growing segment of facebook.  This generation was too busy working to pay close attention to facebook when it launched.  Now most of the people in this age range see facebook as a place to reconnect and catch up with old friends.


With age ranges from 16 to 75, facebook has a wide variety of people to sift through in order to keep them entertained.  Also, if you think about it, with damn near two billion users it has a lot of content to sift through too.  It never ends.  I wouldn’t be surprised if facebook’s servers weren’t hidden in the frozen tundra to keep cool.


All these people posting on facebook and you want your posts to be the ones to show up in their newsfeeds?  Don’t we all! Good luck with that.  If you don’t get intentional, you will never be seen.


One sad thing about facebook is that if people don’t see you, they forget about you.  How many times have you seen a post from someone you’ve been connected to that you used to engage with a lot, and you realized you’d completely forgot about them?  Guess what? They’d forgot about you too.


With so many people on facebook, it doesn’t take much to get your attention and keep it. That’s exactly what facebook’s algorithm is set to do, keep your attention.  And let me tell you, they are the best at it.  You don’t own a website worth two hundred billion dollars that doesn’t employ the best in the world at doing what it needs to do – hold your attention.


Facebook’s algorithm used to be based on three parts: Time decay, weight and affinity.  As recent as November of 2014, Facebook said their algorithm takes to account over 100,000 different aspects of each post and the people who would like to see it.


In other words; it’s really complicated.


If you haven’t been paying close attention you may not notice every little detail that facebook changes.  If you’ve been using facebook for your business and you’ve noticed less people liking your posts, there’s a reason.  You’re smart enough to figure out that if not enough people are liking it, then not enough people are seeing it.  Facebook is hiding you from your friends!


I could keep writing this for hours trying to explain it to you, but instead what I’ve done is I’ve created a training on exactly how facebook’s new algorithm works and how you can use this knowledge to your benefit.  The days of just posting random stuff on facebook and getting business and connections from it, are gone.


If you rely on facebook, organic or paid, traffic it’s time to adapt or die.  The rate at which we process information is getting quicker.  This means facebook will only get smarter and if you don’t stay up to date with how it works and the changes, you will be left behind. 


To get this training for free, all you have to do is enter your name and email on the page that comes up when you click here or you can click this link and go there too.


Last thing, make sure you share this in your mastermind groups, with your co-workers and referral partners.  Facebook works best when you are all on board together. You’ll learn why in this training  Click Here For Training

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Strategic Selling With Social Reconnaissance

Are you one of those people who just play on facebook, and occasionally get a lead or two from it, or do you intentionally treat social media like a prospector’s dream come true? You can learn all you need to learn about future clients through what I call “Social Reconnaissance” Social media concept
Social Reconnaissance or SR for short, is the practice of doing social research on the people you intend to contact and prospect. These days, people pretty much put everything up on their walls. If you have a little finesse, you can use their posts to start and end powerful conversations.
The more hands you shake the more money you make. Right? So why not use the power of social media and SR to get in front of as many people as possible in the coolest and most efficient way?
In this video I’ll show and tell you EXACTLY how you can use the power of Social Reconnaissance to become the authority to your online sphere of influence.


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Top 5 Sales Lessons Learned from The “Unfinished Business” Movie

Before you read any further, just know this is a HUGE SPOILER ALERT! I’m gonna give away the movie in this post, so if you haven’t seen it, don’t say I didn’t warn you. unifinished business


So yesterday, my GF and I went to see this movie titled Unfinished Business.  It’s a movie about three salesmen willing to do ANYTHING it takes to overcome.  It’s supposed to be a comedy, but to salesmen like us, it’s not comedy, it’s more like Rocky.


Don’t get me wrong, the movie is funny as fuck.  Vince Vaughn is always good in a type A personality role.  The role he played in this movie fit him perfectly.  The two moronic sales dudes that are with him, did a helluva job too.


It’s a good movie and I recommend you go see it since you are in sales.  Don’t go see it for the comedic value though, go see it for the first hand lessons that ALL salesmen need to learn.  There are so many sales lessons to be taken away from this film it’s unreal.


Allow me to break down each lesson, how it fit in with the movie and how it can affect your sales game for the better.


Lesson 1: Every Salesman Has Family Shit To Deal With
A lot of it is for comedic value, but Vince Vaughn’s character has a world of shit trying to keep him from closing his big deal. Family can be the biggest distraction you have.  Doing what your family wants and not what needs to be done, can cost you a fortune in sales.


Vince’s kids are getting bullied, he owes school tuition, and his family keeps begging him to stop working and return home.  He’s got more shit going bad with his wife and kids, in this two hour movie, than they did in the entire Brady Bunch series.  That doesn’t stop VV and his team though.


Each time his family begs him to come home, he reframes their thinking and shows them how his eyes are on the prize, and theirs need to be too.  Don’t we ALL face this?  Long days, lots of travel and all the shit that goes along with our jobs, can make our families miss us and distract us.


Next time your family tries to distract you from your goal, tell them you love them and show them you love them by articulating why your goal is bigger than anything going on in the world right now.  Also show them the benefits they will get once the big payoff comes.


Lesson 2: Sometimes You Have To Make Shit Happen In Person
Originally VV and his team set up a meeting in St. Louis, where they live.  Once the competition starts to heat up between the other vendors, VV and the team start traveling, to personally meet the people they hope to be doing business with.


In the movie, VV repeatedly says “a phone call won’t work, I gotta have a handshake.” He knew the way the people he was prospecting worked.  He knew they were the type of businessmen that needed to see shit in person.  He made that happen.  He even set up last minute tickets to another country to get the handshake.


The lesson here is, if it needs to be done in person to close, you go the distance no matter how far away it is. If your prospects prefer to be closed in person, you better show up.  Close them how they want to be closed.


Lesson 3: You Don’t Need A Team Of Geniuses To Make Sales
I wanted to kill VV’s two selling sidekicks in the movie about 100 times in 2 hours! Mike Pancake killed me.  He was slow as fuck, which made for good comedy, but as a business owner he frustrated the shit out of me.


As stupid as Pancake and the old man were, they were equally loyal.  When VV said he needed them to hop on a plane to Germany they got on.  When he needed them to spend their last dime to believe in him, they did.  Loyalty can trump smarts AS LONG as you have loyalty in the right roles.


The lesson here is, assemble loyal employees and keep them in their element.  If you can help them master the small things, their loyalty will allow you to master the BIG things.  Smart people spin off and become your competition.  Loyal people stay down as fuck and just wanna ride with you.


Lesson 4:  Know How To BEST Use Your Leverage
When they are at the Folsom gay pride party and they see the big-dicked assistant, they didn’t blackmail him.  First off, that wouldn’t work in Germany, but more importantly they tried to help him instead of hurt him.


In exchange for the help, the BDA made a bold move and went around the asshole VP and took them straight to the CEO. They made a friend on the inside and it paid off for them big time.  They could have made an enemy by way of blackmail but they chose the other path.


The lesson here is, when you have information or leverage over someone you need to know what is best to do with it.  Leverage can help or hurt you.  Assess all angles before you potentially fuck up what you’ve got.


Lesson 5: Never Ever Ever Give Up
Holy fuck! It seemed like the world was against VV and his team.  You know what though? They never quit. From glory holes to riots, these guys stuck in the game and took every “no” they got, until they finally got their “yes”


The family begs him to come home, his #1 competitor and arch enemy beat him to Germany and the VP is a total douche who doesn’t want to work with them, numbers or not. The team takes all this in stride and never overreacts.  They calmly solve problems and move on.  There’s no excitement just solutions to shit that happens.


The lesson here is, shit is gonna happen. Things are gonna distract you.  People are gonna try to stop you from reaching your goals. None of that matters.  Your job in sales is to solve problems and move on.  Nothing more nothing less.  Problems solvers close deals.


I recommend smoking a fat joint and watching Unfinished Business (if you’re into that kind of shit). You’ll love the movie and all the lessons it has in it.  It reminds me a lot of Tommy Boy. Shit needed to be done and in the end it got handled.


All the distractions in the world couldn’t keep VV from closing the deal.  Don’t let anything in the world keep you from closing deals.
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Who’s Really To Blame For Lost Real Estate Deals?

Have you ever lost a deal due to an extenuating circumstance that was out of your control as an Agent? Of course you have! It’s part of the job. Truthfully, it’s the worst part of the job. point the blame
There’s nothing more damaging than an unclosed transaction. The client gets hurt, we lose money and it’s just an all around shitty situation. If you’re not careful, an unclosed transaction can send you back to the 9-5 workplace, and render your client homeless.
As an Agent, all the blame seems to find its way back to us. We develop the relationship with the client, we introduce them to our title reps, loan officers and inspectors. We negotiate on their behalf, and their situation is seemingly in our hands. At least it appears that way to the client.
Truth is, the majority of the control on a transaction is out of our hands.
Yes- we show clients homes.
Yes- we get a contract on the property negotiated for them
Yes- we spend more time one on one with the client than anyone else
Yes- we introduce them to our referral partners
There are a few other details we handle as Agents but that’s about it. We don’t control the money, liens, title, income or any of that stuff. We show them a home, get a firm price on the home and facilitate the transaction while the title and mortgage companies do their work.
We have no control over whether they can get a loan or not.
We have no control over whether they have tax liens or child support
We have no control over what the client wrote off on their taxes
We have no control over the price an appraiser comes back with
Even after the client knows all of this, they still seem to hold ONLY us, the Agent, accountable when deals go south. It can be frustrating. Here we are with no control over our client or vendors, yet we are taking the fault like we did it.
So who’s fault is it when shit goes south? Let’s explore this subject a little, shall we?
Our job is to figure out a selling price on a home that includes closing costs, fees, title policy and what ever state related costs are involved. We show the client what they stand to pay/make after these fees combines with our commission.
An experienced Agent will look on the MLS and find similar properties that have recently sold and compare those sold prices to the negotiated price of the client’s home. Most of us can get within a $1,000 or so of the price. For some reason the appraiser can manage to screw that all up.
One of the main things to screw up a closing, and cause everyone in the transaction heartache and pain is the Appraiser. Why appraisers do this I’ll never know. It’s like they wake up one day and say “you know what? No one is getting a house today.”
Appraisers have no accountability. They are protected by the HVCC act and cannot be scrutinized by lenders or agents. They are basically in the witness protection program, thanks to the Feds. They can’t be fired without massive paperwork [think switching insurance carriers] they get paid up front whether they hit value or not and half of them or more couldn’t put value on a stamp, let alone a home.
Next up on the list is the Loan Officer. Truthfully the LO has the most control in the process. We all know what power and control can do to a man. The LO is the guy with all the money and the people with the money, make the calls.
The LOs job is to review the financials of the client and advise them on what they can afford according to their income, assets and debt. The LO should have all the documents in the world on the client. LOs should know EXACTLY what they client can, and can’t do, when it comes to getting money to buy a home.
LOs always try to steal control of the client. They rarely accept blame for anything, even though they are the one person who clearly sees the whole picture from front to back.
Matter of fact, how many times have you heard the LO say this?
Statement before contract “Yes, I have all the documents and tax returns. They are qualified at $400,000″
Statement right before closing “No, they didn’t tell me they wrote off $20,000 last year on sex toys…”
Why in the hell don’t loan officers read ALL of the tax return before they go dulling out pre-qual letters like they are 9th grade stolen hall passes? You can get a bogus pre-qual from a shady LO almost as quick as you can get a vicodin script from a “pain management” clinic.
They always act shocked when it happens too. I imagine them with that same goofy face Tim Duncan makes when he gets called for a foul. Even when it’s Title’s fault (we’ll get to that in a minute) they still seem to never read anything.
The LO has a copy of the taxes, a copy of the title and a copy of the appraisal. Matter of fact, they are the ONLY person who FOR SURE has all three of these things and yet somehow they never seem to read them all the way through. It’s frustrating and it’s also why it’s so hard for us to find a good one.
Next up is the title company. The title company gets the deed from the county and is supposed to make sure there are no liens, judgments or obstructions on the title of the property.
Truth is, title insurance is a scam! I’ve never heard of a single title company in my life paying a claim. They NEVER take the blame and can be the biggest pain in the butt because they control our checks and the closing.
Title companies basically charge money to do a county google search. Whoever came up with this probably had good intentions, but these days there are so many fees and taxes involved, it’s often more in title fees than lender fees. Our clients pay money for nothing basically.
When things end up on title, the title rep seems to never call. Heaven forbid your client have a name like Smith or Jones. Title will make them sign affidavits for months making you promise you didn’t commit murder, tax fraud and every other crime anyone named Smith ever committed. “Title Companies= The most expensive search engines ever.”
Last but not least, let’s talk about clients. We all know the saying “buyer are liars” but that’s not usually the case. Think about it, the clients have all these advisors they are paying. Why in the world would they go into detail and learn about their taxes and such when they pay us for that?
Most people hire a CPA to do their taxes and whatever the number is, they pay or get it back. They pay the CPA so they don’t have to learn about taxes. They pay us Agents to find and negotiate them a house or to sell theirs. They pay the LO to get them a mortgage and they pay title for…well…nevermind, you get where I’m going.
So even though we like to blame the client, it’s rarely their fault. They are at the mercy of a lot of hands. They have almost no control over anything but who they choose to give control to.
I know that us Agents mess deals up too. Ego, price war, shunning and everything else can happen between two Agents even though it’s against our code of ethics. Not to mention foundation, inspectors, roofs and other home related issues that pop up.
The bottom line, there are a lot of hands in the cookie jar when it comes to buying and selling a home. As an Agent we have the least control. This leaves us vulnerable to losing clients for things we had no idea of until it was too late.
The lesson here is to be on top of and in control of your referral partners. Have them send you a copy of the title policy and YOU make sure there are no hiccups on it. Ask the LO to make sure there are no self employment exemptions or deductions on the tax return. Show up and meet the appraiser at the home and close him. The LO can’t talk to him but we Agents can. After putting it this way, if you lose a deal maybe it’s because you, the Agent weren’t on top of everything.
As an Agent we make a lot of money. Three to six percent of the price of a home adds up quick. Don’t you think that since we get paid the most, we should be the most knowledgeable about a transaction from front to back? Maybe it’s time we be the ones to take the power back, educate ourselves about the entire process, and be the person who double checks everyone so we’re able to protect our clients and earn our commission.
We can just blame everyone else. That’s the beauty of our job!

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The Connection Between Cash and Confidence

Are you one of those guys, like me, who when we don’t have cash in our accounts like we want, we get angry and mad at the world? Cash
I know when I get low on funds I get mad at myself and I take it out on those around me. I first noticed this behavior in myself back in 2005. I had made a shit ton of money and had taken ALL that money and invested in more homes.
While waiting on the homes to sell, and the remodeling being done, I was living off ramen and water, while living in a $400k home. Virtually all my cash was wrapped up in deals and I was leveraged to the gills.
I remember yelling at my parents, my friends and even my girlfriend at the time. It was like I wanted everyone around me to feel the same pain I was feeling. That pain was the pain of being broke.
It’s not about the money though…
…Well not all of it anyway.
When you are broke you are shackled. You are not free. You can’t buy what you want, invest in what you want or even have what you need in some cases. It’s in man’s nature to be free and in control of his domain. When man can’t control his domain, he gets violent. I am a man.
It stems from caveman shit. If the caveman had food in his cave he didn’t have to struggle and scatter for food at any minute. The cave chicks liked the dudes with the most hunts stacked up. Eventually the caveman upgraded from wooden wheel, to a rock wheel and all the bitches loved him and the neighbors turned to haters.
In all seriousness, we are taught from a young age, as men, that money is what is important. The more we have of it the more important we are. When we don’t have it we get this subconscious feeling of self doubt that makes us feel less than others, which leads to anger, in most cases.
In my mind, the amount of money in my bank account is a direct reflection of the value I am delivering to the marketplace. If my funds are low, my self esteem gets low too because I feel like I’m not contributing in the way I should.
This makes me work even harder. That’s not the case with everyone though. Many people get low on funds and feel that same self pity but instead of driving to solve the problem, they play victim to it.
You can’t be a victim and winner at the same time. Even in sports, no one hates on second place, but if the winner got a bad call, unfair shake or whatever, the hate gets strong quick. For example, no one gave a fuck about the Patriots and their lip reading, UNTIL they started kicking everybody’s asses with the advantage they created.
If you’re one of the types where you get down on yourself and see yourself going into the spiral of being broke as fuck and hating life, and then staying there, I can give you some words of wisdom that you won’t hear from any motivational speaker.
Being broke is not a state of mind but you can break away from the pain of being broke with the power of your mind. Instead of giving up when your funds are low, work harder, do more and deliver above what you were doing that got you where you are.
When I had all my money tied up in the houses in 2005, I needed money bad. I bought an info product and learned a new way to assign contracts. The next day I made $2500 and so on and so on.
I got new information, acted on it and turned info into income. I could have just waited for the homes to be done, suffered the self loathe and laid low, but I didn’t. I got a new hustle. That hustle not only stopped me from being broke, it fueled more money to me to get more investments without being broke in the interim time.
No matter what anyone tells you, money is important. You can love it or hate it, but you gotta get it. If you don’t have it, you can’t blame anyone but yourself, which is why we get so down on ourselves. But you’re better than that, you just need to put the work in and quit attending the pity party.
Money gives us confidence. Funny thing is, confidence will also get you money. The problem is, when many of us don’t have money, we don’t have confidence. Here’s how to fix that. Be confident in your ability to get out of the situation and get money. Use that confidence to channel it into the confidence to sell what you need to sell in order to get paid.
The best salesmen have confidence to the point of ego and arrogance and the bank account to match. Is this a coincidence? No, it’s a direct result of their confidence attracting enough people to get where they are.
Remember that shame spiral we talked about a few paragraphs up? The exact opposite of that would be the confidence spiral. The more confident you are, the more money you make, the more confident you are.
Confidence is what separates a person in sales from a CLOSER.


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The Simplest 4 Step Lead Generating Funnel Ever

Unless you are hiding under a rock, you know the biggest buzzword in marketing right now, is “funnel.” I firmly believe half the people using the word don’t even know what it means.  I shit you not, 99% of the answers I see on threads in forums contain the word “funnel”ryan funnel


People say shit like “you need to fix your funnel” or “you gotta get a converting funnel” on a lot of the ads I see on facebook too.  OH THE IRONY!!! People creating a funnel to teach people how to create a funnel…


…I’ve been in a half dozen “funnel” training programs or so over the last few years.  ALL of them were just experts breaking down how they ran the ad that got me in the funnel and to pay them to teach me how they got me in the funnel and to pay them…. [sic]


In the end, I felt ripped off.  It was almost like going to a magic show and the magician showing you how he did the trick, while making you feel like a dumbshit for falling for it in the first place.
After spending tens of thousands of dollars on “information” I just decided to take action, start creating my own stuff and seeing what worked.  The funnels that worked, I used.  The ones that didn’t work, I shut them down.  This allowed me to do some pretty heavy research on what works and what doesn’t.


Now, I’m not an idiot, I know that different markets have different buying habits.  I can only speak for what has worked [successfully] for me. To be clear I sell a very high end consulting service on a monthly retainer, like you would pay a lawyer or other trusted adviser.  Also know that I am the highest paid (as far as I know) consultant in my field.


I say this to let you know that my funnel is not converting $7 tripwires with core offers.  I cut the shit, get straight to the point and go for the big ticket up front.  Shoppers don’t walk into Louis Vuitton and ask for Coach prices.  They know LV is the best and willing to pay for it. My prospects feel the same way about me - worth the premium.


Over the last three years, I’ve created fancy, elaborate, funnels that failed and simple funnels that killed it.  I’ve also done the opposite.  But for every fancy funnel that failed, I have 10 simple ones that killed it.


Today, you’re about to learn how to knock off my simple funnel, and why this simple funnel is SO POWERFUL. 
First off, allow me to explain what a funnel is and what purpose it serves for your business.


A funnel is internet marketer slang for a series of web pages that attract clients and eliminate window shoppers.  


The idea is take in massive amounts of client info, in the form of opting in via name, email and or phone numbers, and turn as much of those leads containing the info, into paying customers.  The funnel allows you to reach people far and wide, then sift them down, getting rid of tire kickers and rewarding people who become paying clients.


In order to knock off my funnel you will need the following:






Something worth a fuck to sell


As I promised, this funnel is super simple to duplicate and can be done in 4 easy steps.  Now that you got your accounts all set up with the above mentioned vendors (not my affiliate links) we can get you started.


Step 1 - Create A sales Video
It’s no secret, that video is the best media to make a sale with.  Since it’s inception, video has ruled people’s buying habits.  Why else would it be so damned expensive to advertise on TV? Ad execs understand the power of video.  Until recently only the commercial and hollywood types could create videos and get them out to the masses.  Thanks to youtube and facebook, that shit has changed.


The ability to upload your own videos to the internet and then share them on social media leveled the playing field between fortune 500 companies and local business owners.   The best part, social media video views get counted, TV views get averaged.


Video is a big deal in sales for a few reasons.  The most important being AUTHORITY.  Think about this; since you were a tiny baby, your parents probably sat you in front of a TV and told you who ever was on was important to you and or them.


From relying on the TV for your news and information, to watching TV characters becoming our heroes the people on video have always played an important role in influencing our lives.


Another thing you should consider; if public speaking is the #1 most common fear in people, video falls in that category.  Most people are less afraid of sharks than they are getting on video.  Even the pros who come to my events hate the video part.  It’s tough to watch ourselves do stuff on video.  Those of us who overcome the fear and get on camera, will lead the way of buying influence in the future.


My video criteria is pretty simple.  They are always less than 5 minutes and follow a simple pattern.  As a guy who has over 500k views on youtube and over 1 million on facebook, I think it’s safe to say I got this video process down.


Here’s the pattern - 15 second reframed into, 2-4 mins of killer content, strong call to action, pattern interrupt at the end.  You can see EXACTLY what I’m talking about here on this Youtube Video


As you can see from that video, I just use the selfie stick and imovie to record the video and edit it.  I made the intro and outro myself on my laptop.  You can get similar shit done over at fiverr for $5-10 each.


Step 2 - Upload Your Sales Video To Your Facebook Biz page
What good is a killer video if no one sees it?  Even if you don’t have a single fan on facebook, you don’t have to panic.  When I get to step three I will explain exactly how I get my videos seen by thousands in a matter of hours.


After you’ve edited your video and added all your cool effects from imovie, you need to host the video in a spot you can send people to, relatively easy.


It’s also important to know that I’m not talking about posting a link to your video on your fanpage.  I’m talking specifically about uploading the raw video file directly into facebook. Here is an example in case you are not familiar EXAMPLE


Facebook is aiming and gunning for youtube, and in the process, they are rewarding the shit out of us who are brave enough to get on video and allow facebook to distribute it.


You are more than welcome to upload the video to your personal page too.  This process works for personal and fan pages but I prefer fan pages for the ability to run ads to the video (gonna be important to you in a minute)


Once you upload the video, the next step is to write the copy you plan on putting in the post to go along with it.  At the end of that copy is where you want to drop the link to your wufoo form so you can get their information and store it and harass them on a later date.


It’s my belief and experience that you are using this process to make a series of small sales leading to a bigger sale, as opposed to the process of making just one big sell overall.


Let me explain - The copy you put in the post should sell the viewer into watching the video. The video should sell the viewer into clicking the wufoo link.  The wufoo link should sell them on an appointment with you.


It’s after you have made the first few small sales on influence, you can gain familiarity with the prospect which makes it easier to close the final sale on the phone or via chat.


*There’s nothing wrong with uploading the video to youtube with the same copy and link.  Might as well take advantage of the ease of duality.


Step 3 - Run Traffic to That Shit
You can sit around all day playing on facebook, hoping the right person will see your post or comment, or you can pay for facebook ads and go do whatever the fuck you want, and let facebook work for you.


I prefer paying for labor instead of doing it.


After I have my video uploaded to my fan page, I go over to the facebook ads manager and I run a promoted page post campaign.  This allows my ads to get reach for me instead of me manually having to post my link or message it to prospects.


Paying facebook to do my dirty work also allows me to pick the most willing victims who will wholeheartedly take me up on my irresistible offers.


The reason I do a promoted page post is simple – it’s easy.  I don’t have to spend hours creating all these fancy webpages, finding the right prospects or any of that.  I just simply pick who I think would most like to see my stuff, from the targeting selection and roll.


On average I spend $100 a day on facebook ads when I have an active campaign going.  


Remind you, I only need 8-12 clients a month.  I’m not taking on massive amounts of sales at $97.  My average ticket is $7500.  Yes, $7500 average, from a shitty, homemade funnel that takes no web skills to make.


You can use the power editor and even youtube ads to run traffic too.  I traditionally use them as well, but my main bread and butter comes from this simple facebook traffic method. I wake up, turn the ad on, collect the leads, call the leads and close them.  BOOM!


Step 4 - Contact and CLOSE The Leads
You may think this is fucking pointless for me to say, but I’m gonna say it anyway.  Leads aren’t any good if you don’t contact them and give them the opportunity to turn into clients.


I’m not even kidding you, most people are afraid of leads.  Well, it’s actually worse than that; Most people are afraid of success. 


Us self loathing salesmen will talk ourselves out of a sale faster than we can talk a prospect into a client.  99% of you reading this would be 10 Xs richer if you weren’t so damned hard on yourself. *Rant over*


Once you get the client on the phone, email or text, you still have to close them.  If you’re video has done it’s job, they are already somewhat pre-closed.  Remember, they are communicating with you because they showed interest.


At this point it’s also important to understand that they have invested a significant amount of time in getting to know you.  They saw your ad, watched your video, filled out your form and arrived on schedule.


That’s a smoking hot lead my man!


You’ll never close them if you don’t contact them though.  Some folks say call within the first 3 mins.  I say nobody likes to be called.  I prefer to text them and set up a time from there.  In most cases my prospects can be closed via text and a phone call doesn’t take place until they pay.


As I said at the very beginning, it doesn’t take all sorts of fancy shit to make a good funnel.  What it DOES take is you being good at what you do, knowledgable about your product and firm on your call to action.  Cover those main bases and you should be good.  If you got a problem from there, it’s either you or your targeted traffic.  For this reason test, test, test.


If you’d like my help creating this funnel alongside of you, all you have to do is fill out the form below.  I’ll be helping 8 people, next month, at my house, for three days, in down town Dallas Texas.  If you’d like to be one of those 8 people, it starts with filling out the application.


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Rockstar Closer Radio: New Chivalry Movement with James Michael Sama

I’ve got good news for all the ladies out there: chivalry is not dead! It may have been on life support in the last decade or so, but one man, named James Michael Sama, is on a mission to resurrect the art of being a gentleman. JMS
That mission is highly successful so far. With over 1 million blog readers, and nearly 100,000 facebook fans, the message is getting out. And women are playing a large part in helping James spread his message.
One of the main reasons many men don’t act like gentlemen, is because it takes work to be chivalrous. Open doors, buying flowers and all the other stuff you should be doing for the special lady in your life, takes effort. Many dudes just don’t make the effort.
Why is making the effort worth it?
You’ve heard the saying “a happy wife is a happy life” or “if mamma ain’t happy, no one’s happy” right? You also know that if you aren’t keeping your woman happy, she will insure that you too share her misery. Trust me, none of us want that.
It’s also worth the effort because who wants to have an average relationship? That shit is boring. If you go out of your way to make her happy, chances are, she will go out of her way to please you to. You can’t lose.
Dating is a lot like anything else in life; you get out of it what you put into it. If you want to have an average life, do average shit. If you go above and beyond, your life and relationship will reflect the extra effort.
On this episode I was lucky enough to get one of my bribes to work on James Michael Sama.
Truth be told, I’ve been reading his shit for quite a while. Apparently so have millions of other guys and gals. The content he puts out consistently pushes the message of common sense, when it comes to being a good dude.
James is what we call a ‘”Triple Threat” he’s young, good looking and he’s a charmer. I’m sure the dude has full time security hired just to keep the groupies at bay.
James and I talk sales, internet marketing, women and how to be a good dude all in less than 45 mins. If you have a pair of balls between your legs, you don’t want to miss this episode.





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How To Rid Your Life Of Fake People

Ever find yourself in a deep situation with someone, only to find out they are not who they claim to be? Sure you have. We all have at one point or another. It pisses us off, breaks our hearts and even causes damage to our egos. It sucks. fake
So you gotta ask yourself: What makes someone act fake?
Each person obviously has their own ulterior motives for doing what they do, but I’m going to break some of the shit people do, down to a psychological standpoint, so you can at least understand the ‘why’ behind people’s actions.
You see, when people think they spot someone they can bullshit, they will usually jump on the opportunity. We see people on facebook and other social media sites acting like they have perfect lives. Meanwhile, if we know them personally, we might know they have more problems than we can count.
We live in a society where we are too proud to ask for help. We tell our family and friends that “life’s good” just to avoid sharing our hardships and asking for help. The human ego is a helluva thing.
I read once, that 80 something percent of all bankruptcy cases could have been avoided if the petitioner would have just asked their friends, family or boss for a little help.
People are ashamed of their shortcomings. Because of this, people don’t like to talk about the bad parts in life. It’s been my experience, that life has a lot more downs than ups. Challenges lie around every corner. Yet most people only talk about the ‘ups’ publicly.
This causes people to build a “shell story”. A shell story is the story they tell themselves and others knowing it’s not the real story. In most cases they play the hero or victim in their story. Others either cheer them on or congratulate them.
In order to have heroes and victims, we’ve got to have a villain. How come no one admits to playing the villain role publicly? We all do villainous acts. It’s human nature. Lying, pushing the rules and all the other ‘villainous’ things we must do to survive.
Some people have told their shell story so many times, they actually believe it. The more you tell a story over and over. The more it changes and the more it becomes real. Think of how fast fake news gets spread on social media. People believe the story after so many shares.
The problem with a story, is that you have to remember all the parts. Fake people are the director of their own stories. If they don’t memorize their screenplay, they get caught up and challenged.
The problem with fake people, is that no one verifies or calls them out. We humans tend to avoid conflict and will talk behind someone’s back (more fakeness) before we confront them in person. Not me! But most people.
Fake people avoid real people because they don’t want to get called out. If you are real, have nothing to hide and act accordingly, the fake people will have nothing to hold on you.
If two fake people meet and swap stories, yet both know the story is bullshit, yet both pretend to go along with it, that’s some fake ass shit.
To get rid of fake people in your life, call them out. Also you gotta look at your story and throw the bullshit parts of it away. If you’re fake, the fake will come to you. Like attracts like. Same thing works if you’re real, real people come to you.
I made this video where I go into more detail about how to avoid fake people. This means avoiding fake friends, mates, clients, bosses, employees and every other type of relationship you can have.



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Rockstar Closer Radio: 35 Years of Sales Knowledge in 60 Mins or Less

In this episode I cover what I consider to be the 10 most important rules of selling. I not only give you the list, I also cover why each rule is so important and how you can implement the rule to up your closing ratio.10
Most of my podcasts are 30 mins long, this one lasts an hour.
The 10 Most Important Rules of the Sales Game
1: Don’t talk too much
2: Learn the right questions [what made you decide to reach out? what's next?]
3: Find the root issue
4: Solve a real problem
5: Know your prospects needs [empathy]
6: Know your customer [perfect customer]
7: Know who you CAN’T help
8: Set expectations
9: Ask for referrals
10: Deliver what the fuck you said you were going to deliver




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5 Ways To Immediately Piss A Real Estate Agent Off

It’s easy for the consumer to sit back and complain about real estate agents and how they cost so much money, are lazy and all the usual go-to complaints they have.double_facepalm
While some of these complaints may have validity, it’s mostly the agents who should complain about the dumb moves consumers do to them.
In the 10 years I’ve been involved with the real estate community, I’ve seen some buyers and sellers do some boneheaded stuff. On the flip side, due to the professionalism in our industry, I rarely see agents complain about clients.
Well guess what? I’m going to enjoy the pleasure of complaining for you! Allow me to say the things you’d rather not. It’s kinda my thing to stir the pot a little.
Here’s my list of the TOP 5 things clients do to piss real estate agents off:
1: When a prospect doesn’t tell you they already have an agent until it’s too late
It’s Saturday morning and the phone rings. John Smith is on Zillow, looking for properties to buy and he saw the one you have listed. He’s calling you to get the details of the listing.
As any good agent would, you answer the phone and answer his questions. He goes on to tell you that he’s been looking for homes online for about 30 days now and is looking to buy a home soon.
You offer to meet him at the listing for a private showing. He agrees and sets a time with you for the walk through but when he arrives things change. After you show him the home, you tell him about the importance of buyer representation and how it works.
At that time he goes on to tell you he already signed one with ‘his’ agent but didn’t want to bother his agent on a Saturday…
…many of us have had this atrocity enacted on us. It sucks!
2: When sellers turn down perfect offers
You fought like a champ to get the Jones to list their home with you. They are way proud of their home and you told them their asking price was high, but you took the listing in “hopes” of selling it close to their price.
Flash forward and the home has been on the market for 60 days. You’ve suggested a price reduction but they ain’t trying to hear it. One Wednesday after work, you get an offer submitted to you via email.
The offer is full asking price with sellers paying title, warranty and a $500 warranty contract. You’re stoked! Finally, you got a decent offer that you can work with. You’re excited to take it to the sellers.
The sellers don’t see it that way. They see it as a few thousand dollars less than they were expecting to net. You go on to tell them about cost of staying in the home another month or two, that a couple grand is no big deal in the real estate world and every other trick you can pull out of your book
Their response: We’ll just wait until someone wants to buy our home for what we think it’s worth.
3: When you get an impatient signcaller
It’s 7pm on a Tuesday and your phone rings. Mike wants to know the details about 1212 Main St and you fill him in on the details.
He decides he likes what he hears and wants to take a look at the inside of the house. NOW!!! He tells you he’s out front of the home and can wait 5-10 mins there for you to meet him.
Meanwhile, you’re on the other side of town, sitting down to dinner with your family talking about the day’s events. You reluctantly decide to agree and to drive over and show him the property.
When you arrive he’s no longer there. You call and say “hey Mike it’s me are you ready to see the home?’ he then goes on to reply “I got tired of waiting and decided to go home. I’ll call you back tomorrow and we can look at it then.”
Some people are just evil…
4: When clients charge up credit cards before closing on a home purchase
It’s that time of the contract -Closing Day! You’re excited, the buyers are excited, the sellers are excited, hell, everyone is excited.
Unbeknownst to you, your buyers were a little too excited a few days ago. They went out and got credit lines for about $10,000 in new furniture for their sweet new pad. They never mentioned it to you and it never came up. Same thing for their LO.
About an hour before the closing, you get a call from your favorite loan officer. He tells you that underwriting did their last minute due diligence and the clients have an extra $10,000 in debt they didn’t have a week ago. This throws the whole transaction off and stalls or even cancels the closing.
Maybe that furniture will look good in storage or in the back of a U-Haul…
5: Misleading pictures on MLS
The Johnsons call you. They are excited as can be. They were up last night and found a new listing with the sized backyard they have been looking for. They want to see it today and if all goes accordingly, make a full price offer tonight.
You call the listing agent and ask if there is anything you need to know about the property. She tells you it’s in great shape and your buyers will love it.
You meet the Johnsons at the property. Everyone pulls up out front and they are excited to see the big backyard where their kids and dogs will spend their future years playing together.
When the back door opens and they see the yard, it’s 1/2 the size it looked in the MLS pictures. Matter of fact, it’s apparent the listing agent used a wide angle lens to make the yard appear bigger than it is.
The Johnsons are upset and you wasted time on an optical illusion…
Any agent with time under their belt has been in one or more of these instances. They always make for good lessons learned. They also teach wise agents to ask the right questions up front.
I’m sure I could make this list go all the way up to a million but I think these 5 are big enough to make the impact I was trying to make. Share this on social media to help bring consumer awareness. Maybe we can cut down on some of these frustrating issues.
In the meantime, if you should run into any of these instances in the future, take a deep breath and remember to Keep Calm You’re An Agent.



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New Year’s Restitution – You’re Gonna Pay It

Let’s face the facts. You’re gonna pay the price in one way or another when it comes to those new year resolutions you just made a few weeks ago. One way or another, you are gonna pay for what you resolved to do. pen paper
Allow me to walk you through the cost of making and breaking a new year’s resolution. I’m not talking monetary costs this time. Even though, we will both agree there is a monetary cost involved in what I’m about to elaborate on.
Let’s say you made the resolution to workout and lose weight this year. Most likely you made some bland resolution in your head that you didn’t even write down. You probably said “I’ll exercise more this year.” or some general statement similar to it.
Whether in writing or not, you have just psychologically made a pact with yourself to exercise more. You may not think of it this way but your subconscious and your brain just made an agreement to take action together.
The subconscious knows how this works. So to protect itself, it won’t let you make a promise to your brain that you can’t easily back out of if you want or need to. That’s why so many people use bland, general resolutions instead of specific, factual resolutions which are written down.
Like any other new partnership, the brain and the subconscious work together to take action. The first few days or even weeks you exercise 4 times a week. The brain and subconscious feel good about their new found relationship.
Then one day you are tired. You may have worked late, had too long of a happy hour or whatever, the bottom line is you’re too tired that week to hit the gym 4 days so you hit it only twice.
Your brain gives some sort of BS excuse to your sub as to why it only made it twice this week. You say something like this to yourself “I was tired this week. I worked hard. At least I made it twice, maybe two times is enough.”
Because we do not like to struggle internally, aka schizophrenia, our brain and our sub will come to an agreement and settle on “two days a week is good”
You just cut your time in the gym in half. This gives you less aerobic euphoria and allows you to eat a few extra items each week to fill the void. Your brain is getting pissed that your sub is letting this happen but it’s forced to agree and deal with it.
One week, you’ve had enough. You’re tired of being sore, you’re hungry, you got work to do or some lame shit you come up with, and you quit. You just don’t go to the gym that week.
The next week comes around and you do the same. The further from the last time you went to the gym, the easier it is to ignore it and act like it didn’t happen.
Your brain tries to convince the sub “Hey man, we said we were gonna exercise more in 2015, we did. We worked out 21 times in 2015, we worked out 12 times in 2014 and the year is not over yet.” they have no choice but to come to an agreement and let you quit.
Now, the pact has been broken. The sub and the brain both know this. One or the other may be convinced that the quit was warranted but the other one knows it is out of sloth and greed that you quit. This causes self resent.
Self resent is no joke. Without the good feeling from the gym, your body will look for other rewards, like food for example. With self resent, your sub allows your brain to make poor decisions which could hurt your body long term. This is the subs way of showing anger to the brain for allowing the quit.
This could translate over into any area of your life you made resolutions in. Work, home, finance or and everything else you could come up with. To keep it congruent here, we will stick with exercise as the example.
Now, let’s talk about the opposite end of this spectrum. I told you in the first paragraph that you’re gonna pay one way or another. In the example above, you pay by self resent. In this example you will pay in mind control.
Let’s say you keep that resolution. It’s June, and you’ve hit the gym every week at least 4 times a week no matter what. Your sub and brain are in 100% harmony and all cylinders are firing.
Not to mention, the fact that your body has changed shape and you look and feel much better. Externally, everything is falling into place.
Your brain will fight you to stay comfortable. At first, you had to really work hard to get the sub to win and keep you in the gym, but after time, you’ve managed to create a winning strategy that you implement each day.
Each day, when it is time to go exercise, the brain comes up with a reason not to go. Every time you’ve ignored that reason, you overcome the brain. The brain doesn’t get offended it has no choice but to agree.
Each time you win and end up exercising, the brain is learning to be compliant to your needs. This allows you to control the brain in other areas. Basically I’m saying you are achieving self mind control.
However, let’s talk about the sacrifices. In order to spend time exercising, you must take time away from some activity you used to do to fill that time. The time doesn’t go away, it’s still there. You just have a different occupance in that time.
Your body is sore, you stay hungry and you stay tired. But on the flip side, you’re putting in your time, escaping self resent, mastering self mind control, and keeping your body healthy.
Both of these paths have costs associated with them. Obviously the costs of the second example are worth the ROI. The costs on the first example could be as bad as an early death and daily resent for who you are.
We take little things like new year resolutions lightly, but we don’t usually think of the real ramifications and harm done when they are not followed through on.
In this example, I told you about only one year. Imagine the damage or advantage you would get from these examples year after year.
My advice on new year resolutions is to call them goals, write them down in a very specific manner you can follow, and then follow what you write to a T. This makes the agreement between the sub and brain undeniable.
Before you make any goals or resolutions, consider the damage of not accomplishing what you set out to accomplish. Think of the worst case scenario and use that as momentum and the excuse NOT to quit.
Share this with someone who needs to hear it.

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Prospecting Outside Of The Pool

Ever been fishing in a stock pond?shark
I grew up on a farm in Texas. When I was young, I would go fishing almost every day. I pretty much used the same bait in the same pond all the time. I’m not one to eat fish, so I would always catch and release.
Often times, it seems like I would catch the same fish, over and over. It makes sense. The same dumb fish keeps falling for the same bait again and again. Or, maybe it wasn’t the fish that was dumb and maybe it was the fisherman who was dumb.
Think about it. This fish obviously loved the bait I used. He probably knew I was going to throw him back, after the first few times I caught him. He probably also knew I was coming back almost every day with more. Come to think about it, this fish was probably a she more than a he lol.
Due to the fish wanting to be fed he was willing to take a hook to the mouth. Well, I shouldn’t be so quick to speak. For all I know the fish is into weird sexual shit with other fish that involved hooks and being drug by the lip. Could have been win win for him IDK.
The lesson to be learned from this story is this:
It was insane of me to keep going to the same pond, at the same time, with the same bait and expecting to catch different fish. I was not only a creature of habit, I had created a habit for another creature.
Flash forward 28 years and I’m on facebook today noticing a trend. For the last year I’ve noticed the same people liking my posts over and over. I’ve got 5,000+ friends but the same 50 or so like and comment on almost all my statuses. Every now and then, I get one to hit 200+ but usually it’s the same 50 suspects.
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m very appreciative for these 50 people. I’ve worked hard for the last few years to develop the relationship I have with them. But, out of 5,000 friends, that’s only 1% of the people I’m connected to. What about the other 99?
One thing is for sure, I’m an elitist. I like to hang only with the 1%, so it makes sense that only 1% of my connections interact. At the same time though, I DO want to connect and get to know the others.
I read an article that said the human mind can only logically maintain 47 friends. This article explained that any more than 47 relationships and we will self destruct the ones we don’t need in order to regress back to 47. It’s an upper level issue in everyone’s mind.
Facebook’s edgerank system knows this “rule of 47″ and keeps your connections at bay accordingly. Even if you get 500 likes on your posts, you will only see about 47 different stories in your news feed. I call this “the familiarity process”
The Familiarity Process is facebook forcing you to only interact with the same 47 people/pages. You have to really work outside of these connections and as you do, facebook will replace the old with the new.
Now back to that fishing story…
The other day I was scrolling my newsfeed and seeing the same people over and over. It reminded me of catching that same fish over and over. I see many of the same people, going to the same events or buying/promoting shit from the same sources.
I thought to myself “Ryan, what’s the next thing to get on and expand your audience?” and it hit me! The ONLY way I’m going to expand my audience is to go fishing outside the proverbial pond I keep fishing in.
If the same people who are potentially buying my shit are buying all the other people’s shit, aren’t we just recycling shit? If they are buying the same shit I am, shouldn’t I sell new people my shit? Facebook’s newsfeed gives the appearance of a small pond, but it’s really only a bay in the ocean.
This doesn’t mean I’m leaving facebook. What it does mean is that I’m shying away from the news feed. If the newsfeed will only supply me with roughly 47 people, I’m going to spend my time in groups which contain thousands of people.
Facebook group posts are the new newsfeed!
Think about it, if I keep going to the same pond [newsfeed] with the same bait [offer] then I have no warrant to complain about catching the same fish [prospects]. It’s my job to move to a new pond and expand my sales angling.
Even in the real world you can find yourself going to the same events, with the same people and yielding the same results. We find ourselves encompassed in our own little ponds.
As the new year approaches and you are looking to grow your business, I encourage you to search for a new pond. Especially if you have mastered the fish in the pond you currently fish. If you’d like my help finding new fish, I can show you to a new pond and the right bait as well.
Fill out the form below to get more info on how I can help you broaden your fishing [marketing] perspective.


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Sell Where The People Are Comfortable Being Sold From

Ever notice Wal Mart has brick and mortar stores as well as a website?  Both of these outlets sell the same items but they serve two very different audiences.  There’s a lesson to be learned from this so stick with me.sell


These days, when I’m on sales calls, I hear guys say “I’m good on the phones” or “I’m a Closer once I get face to face with someone.” It pains me to even hear them say it.


When you are in the prospecting process, you are actually making several sales.  Let’s break it down real quickly here:


Sale #1: Get them to look at your shit
Sale #2: Get them interested in your shit
Sale #3: Get them to contact you to buy your shit
Sale #4: Sell them your shit


Now that you have the steps, let me give you an example.


First thing you have to do is advertise somewhere.  So let’s say you make a video.  The first sale is to get them to look at that video.  The second sale is to get them to actually watch the video and hear it’s message.  The third sale is the call to action in the video.  The fourth sale is when you close them on the phone, in person, on chat or whatever.


Now that you understand, selling is not one gigantic sale, but a series of smaller sales adding up the final close, let me share a mistake 99% of sales guys are making in today’s market.


Most of you guys are fucking up sale #3 and don’t even realize it.  You’re too busy trying to get online prospects to meet you in person, or too busy trying to get people who email you to get on the phone.  If you blow sale #3, there is no possible way to close on sale #4.


For the same reason Wal Mart has stores and a website, you should sell where people want to buy from.


If your prospects send you texts, chats or emails, you better learn to sell with your fingers. There’s way too many salesmen that come from the old school, who are forcing prospects onto communication platforms that they are not the most comfortable on.  We ALL know we need to make prospects comfortable with us in order for them to buy from us.


Wal Mart knows some people prefer to shop online. When these people buy online, Wal Mart does not call them or show up at their house, they email them.  They understand the prospect is comfortable online, so they keep the sale there.  There’s no denying what Wal Mart does works.


According to AT&T in 2012, 86% of all phone calls in 2011 went unanswered.  The #1 preferred way to communicate is text.  If you are trying to sell people by phone, just know 86% of your time will be wasted.


If someone emails you, don’t set a time for a call.  Learn to let your fingers sell for you.  If you’re going to be in sales for long, you better learn to write.  It’s the future of sales.
Matter of fact, once you become an effective salesman through writing, you can dominate in person or on the phone.


The best part about selling through text, email or chat is that you don’t have to instant reply to fill the silence.  When you are on the phone or face to face, you job is to have a quick response and keep the conversation going.


Selling through writing slows the conversation down, and allows you to think more about your responses. It allows you to control the pace and double check to make sure what you are saying is going to affect the prospect.


The bottom line:  Learn to write!


I’d be willing to bet you lose a lot of closes due to fucking up sale #3.


The people you should be prospecting are most likely busy.  The phone and especially meeting face to face, take up a lot of their time.  Respect them, their time and the platform, and you will find yourself making more closes by default.


If you’d like my help on becoming more effective with your fingers, fill out the form below. [see what I did there?] If you want to get on the phone cool, if you want to text cool, if you want to chat cool, I got all platforms covered and I can help you do the same!


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Rockstar Closer Radio: The Boiled Frog Theory

Crazy doesn’t just show up at your doorstep one day with a butcher knife screaming at you. Nope. That’s not how it works at all. Crazy is sneaky as fuck. It sneaks up on you little by little and before you know it, “FUCK!!!!! IT’S HERE – MAKE IT GO AWAY” Boiling_Frogs_Pic_-_resized
Yep. We all know it too well. From crazy clients and business partners to crazy ex’s. Crazy rarely shows up to the party early.
This week I’m going to teach you a little something called “The Boiled Frog Theory”. Simply put, you can place a frog in a luke warm pot of water and slowly raise the temperature, even all the way to a boiling death, the frog won’t jump out.
Psychologically the frog is committed to it’s circumstance and it doesn’t realize it’s hot until it’s too late. Think about it; A lot of shit works like that here on Earth. From selling to humans to boinging amphibians, we’re gonna talk about it all on this one.

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The Never Ending Process of Leveling Up

Work’s hard, it seems like it never gets easier. Especially when you are always striving to improve your situation. No matter what level of life you’re living on, we always want more. We’re always looking to improve our situations. It’s human nature. level up
The thing is, very few of us actually DO improve our situations. Matter of fact, most people make the worst of their situation – they ignore it.
I’m one of those guys who when I hear something that I know I should be doing, I can’t ignore it. I just do it. It eats a hole in me until I get it done. My conscious won’t leave me alone. I believe this is life’s way of forcing me to level up.
You’re gonna have to level up too. If you expect the economy or some comeback to propel you to your goals for 2015, you must be on shrooms man. If you want more in 2015 than you had in 2014, you’re going to need to level up and do more. Pretty simple.
I’ll tell you ALL about it in this podcast. Enjoy but more importantly, implement. AND… if you’d like my help implementing than simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Looking For Leads In All The Wrong Places

Often times, when I’m on sales calls, people tell me their main issue is lack of leads. They say things like “If I could just talk to more people, I could close more business. I’m good once I’m in front of people.” and they’ve got themselves convinced it’s true. images
The truth is, if you are good once you’re in front of people, then you spend all your time in front of people. People that say things like the above, are using it as an excuse for lack of production.
Yep. I said it. You’re busted.
I’m sure there are a few of you reading this thinking “he’s nuts, I am good in front of people, I just can’t get in front of the right people.” STOP IT! Stop telling yourself that. You have no excuse not to get in front of the people who matter.
You’ve got the internet, social media and phones all around you. If you know who your target audience is, you can’t come up with BS excuses as to why you can’t find them. Again. Stop it!
Meanwhile, I’d be willing to bet you have a plethora of leads. You’re just not looking at them as leads.
As salespeople, we tend to get caught up looking for new business rather than mining and nurturing ‘dead leads” and old clients. Many times, these old leads can be the best.
I made this short video for you, explaining what you can do to turn your existing database into a ravenous pool of people sending you business. Yea, I know. Pretty cool huh? Just watch the damned video


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Think You’re Too Good To Work At McDonald’s?

Think you’re too good to work at McDonald’s? ronald_mcdonald_jumping1
That’s cause you think to small!
Consider this: In a Multi-Billion Dollar Company there are many 6&7 figure salaries.
So why does everyone assume working for Ronald means flipping burgers?
Allow me to reframe you today.
After I made this video and posted it on my facebook page, several of my friends told me about their kids who now own McDonald’s or other franchises that, get this, started working there as a teen. Talk about a retirement strategy.
Turns out a large majority of Mickey D’s owners are people who’ve grinded their way up from the bottom. Including the CEO.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to go to work for Mickey D’s [although it's not a bad thing] but I’m telling you, don’t think you’re too good to do any job. if your vision is only the fry cook, then that’s your fault, you gotta quit thinking too small.
Watch this video and by all means share it on social media. Some people need to hear this shit!


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Why Internet Leads Are The BEST Leads

It’s late 2014, if you are still pounding the pavement looking for deals, you’re wasting your fucking time. While you hit the streets or even the phones [cold calls] attempting to get in front of one or two people, smart guys like me are online in front of thousands at a time. social_media_image
I’m not gonna sit here and deny that old school methods like door knocking and cold calling work. What I’m saying is the old school ways are the least efficient way to get business. Hence the term “old school”
I took two sales calls this morning. Both calls were with Loan Officers in major metropolitan areas. That’s where the similarities end.
LO1 tells me about how he’s closing 4-6 loans a month and working 70+ hours a week. When I asked him what was taking up his time (it obviously wasn’t the 5 loans) he explained that he was doing open houses 3 days a week and attending networking events weekly.
Think about that -
He also told me he lived 30 mins outside of the city where all the action takes place. Three days a week he spends 1 hour drive time to maybe get in front of one or two people who might be interested in a loan.
That’s not counting the drive time to the networking events where EVERYONE just wants referrals. We all know how those things go…
LO2 tells me he wants to sell my products. Shows me a paystub where he made $15k in the last two weeks and says he has plenty of spare time even though he’s closing 8-12 deals a month.
BIG difference huh?
After further interviewing and exploring, LO2 tells me he generates online leads. He says he makes 2-3 fresh lead calls a day. Doesn’t have to drive to any events. No wasted realtor meetings. Nothing.
LO2 also tells me that he’s so dialed in with the leads he gets, that he closed one guy and got 3 referrals from him. Turning 1 lead into 4 is pretty badass, I must say. Also, the leads he gets are already pre-scrubbed and qualified.
So what separates these two guys?
One is spending time unwisely, while the other is making the most of an unlimited platform with a 64% homeowner rate. The internet.
In the time LO1 goes to an open house and back to the office, LO2 has already made his three calls, app’d one and sent the request video for docs. All in a days work. IN about 2 hours. Meanwhile LO1 is still on the road….
If you’re not generating online leads in your business, you won’t have a business for long. From facebook referrals, to online ads that convert, if you don’t use the internet to spread your brand and prospect clients, you WILL be left behind.
Internet leads aren’t just leads you buy from a lead gen site. They may not be from online ads at all. You can use the internet forums and sites like facebook and twitter to generate endless amounts of leads too. You just have to know what you are doing. Especially if you want to work with Realtors.
Just like if you’re still talking rates, fees and programs at Realtor presentations, you won’t be welcomed back. No one fucking cares. Teach an Agent to market and they will love you forever when they get results.
Speaking of Realtors, you know twitter has 1.3Billion monthly users and facebook almost 2Billion? Do you think the agents you can’t find on the phone or in their office might be on facebook? Don’t you think facebook would be the perfect place to make a “warm” introduction.
What about mutual friends? If you have mutual friends with a producer, why not hit your friend up and ask for an intro?
In the time you drive, make BS small talk and walk away empty handed at a meet up, you could hit 100s maybe even thousands of people on social media. Profile posts, private messages and personal comments on other’s posts can help get you business on the quick.
If you’re tired of wasting time away from your family or whatever it is you WANT to do and you’re ready to leverage the power of the internet to generate leads that will close and don’t waste your time, I can help you. It all starts with you filling out the form below.


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