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What do I do? I work like a motherfucker in business and in my home. I cuss a lot. I smoke, drink and occasionally say things that may piss you off. I've been told I'm one funny sonofabitch too. My Job: I'm the best in the world at what I do. I help high-level sales people (mostly in the real estate industry in one form or another) reach levels of achievement in their work and home lives they never imagined possible. I raise leaders who have so much confidence about themselves and what they do, they operate from a space of POWER that few on this planet even know exist. Yea! I'm that guy. My Family: I have the CUTEST kid EVER too. I know we all say that shit, BUT I MEAN IT. My son Jax is also a better salesman than I am (ask Sean Mathies) he's the future!!! My Strategy Here: I don't just say random shit on here for my own ego. (ok maybe sometimes) I'm doing my part to bring information and understanding to a society that needs it. I'm on here to attract the right people and repel the rest. If you don't like me or what I have to say, I completely understand if you never come back. Never take what happens on here personally. Just move on and get over it. I believe we are leaving our legacy here on the internet. An online journal of our thoughts with social proof and interaction. It's a beautiful, amazing thing that our future generations will thank us for. eat your heart out. Lastly: While you're here, read some shit and buy some shit

How To Avoid Being Ripped Off By A Salesman

The number 1 reason people don’t like salesmen is fear.  Fear of getting ripped off or sold something they don’t want or need.  It happens 100s if not 1000s of times every day.  People get sold and regret it. old frustrated accountant sitting at table tearing apart papers


More often than not, when this happens it is due to over promising from the salesman.   


Salesman tend to over promise for a few, selfish, reasons.  The first of those reasons is need. Not to be confused with greed, the need to make a sale is strong in the sales area.  After all, that’s why we were hired.  If we fail, we look like fools in front of the people who gave us a chance.


Another reason salesmen overpraise is lack of product/service knowledge.  This is especially rampant among newer people in sales.  The drive to make sales out weighs their experience and those two combined usually lead to unfulfilled promises.


I can say with a clear conscious, that most mistakes made in sales aren’t made to hurt the prospects or clients.  They mostly are made from lack of experience or false assumptions.


As salespeople, we have pressure from all over.  The pressure to earn and pay bills. The pressure from our managers to sell more.   The pressure from our prospects to sell them something.  Pressure makes diamonds, but it also breaks a lot of shit in the process.


This pressure can get to us after a while.  It can drive us to make mistakes, over exaggerate and other things we normally wouldn’t do.  That being said, no good salesman anywhere would trade a salary for pressure.


So what can you, the client, do when you are victim to the pressure of a salesman that did not deliver on the promises that were made?


First you can ask as many questions as you can think of BEFORE the sale is made.  If you make assumptions on how the process is supposed to go on your end without clarifying, you’re just as guilty as the salesman.


In sales, there should be no assumptions made by the salesman or the prospect.


In sales, we are taught that to be effective, we need to set expectations up front. These expectations can also be set by the prospect.  The more precise and clear you are up front, the less chance you have to be disappointed in the end.


Second, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.  As a master salesman, my bullshit radar is always on high alert.  I have salespeople reach out to me every day with outrageous offers that I know they can’t deliver on.


If I jumped on every offer that sounded awesome, I’d be broke and in victim mode by now.  Instead, I usually ask the hard questions that will give me the “uh well… uh… ok… I’m not sure” answers.  I’d rather everything be awkward up front, than me be out money AND in an awkward position.


Third, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.  More importantly, don’t be afraid to ask to speak with happy AND unhappy clients.  Usually, when you ask for testimonials, the sales guy will send you to his happiest and best clients.  Ask to speak with clients who are not happy.


If they tell you there are no unhappy clients - RUN!!!


By understanding the potential mistakes that could be made, and hearing someone that will give you their experience without it being all rainbows and sunshine, you can get an idea of what could go wrong, and be thinking about how to avoid or correct it.


By nature, we salesmen are people pleasers.  99% of the mistakes we make stem from the need to make those around us happy.  Most of us aren’t out there trying to rip our client base off.  Most of us would bend over backwards to help our prospects have a better/easier way of life through buying from us.


You know the saying “If you try to please everyone, you’ll never be happy”? That saying could hold the key as to why so many salesmen have miserable existences.  Attempting to satisfy all customers, a boss, a family, and friends can take a toll on us.  Being a people pleaser is good when things are good and really hard when shit hits the fan.


Much like you, I’ve been ripped off by salesmen too.  From those that didn’t deliver, to those that didn’t pay.  Each time this has happened to me, I think back and realize it was my fault.  I let it happen.  After all, I should have set the expectations. I should have asked the hard questions and I should have investigated more.  Every time this has happened to me, I’ve learned from it and made sure it didn’t happen again.


If you’ve been ripped off by a salesmen, you need to see what role you played in it, and do your best not to let it happen again.  We all have free will and freedom to choose.  No salesman reaches in YOUR back pocket and pays himself.  You make the choice to pay. Before you make that choice next time, be sure you stay in control and know all the facts.


Meanwhile, if you’re in sales and you’re looking to take your game to the next level by learning and utilizing proven sales strategies and word tracks, grab my “6 Cs of selling” video for free here at . As a salesman, the more you educate and arm yourself with knowledge, the less you will make mistakes and battle pissed off clients.


Let’s all agree, getting ripped off sucks and no one likes it.  Let’s also agree that it can ALWAYS be avoided by setting expectations up front and asking the hard questions.  Now that you know the culprits behind this behavior, let’s all do our part to avoid it.  Umkay?



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The Best Strategy Ever For Insurance Agents To Get Instant Business From Loan Officers

We are ALL in the constant pursuit of finding perfect referral partners.  For those of us in the insurance biz, a loan officer can often turn out to be that perfect referral partner.  E-commerce Marketing Concept


Some of the most successful agents I know get the majority of their business from mortgage companies.


They are not so easy to get business from though. LOs are skeptical by nature and very much creatures of habit.  They don’t care about low rates or anything like we care about.  They care about finding more clients.  The insurance person, company or program does not matter.


If you’re trying to attract more LOs into your referral network, and failing, I’ve got some strategies you can utilize that are GUARANTEED to get you leads, clients and policies from good LOs.


In order to get business FROM a LO you have to think LIKE a LO


We both know WE want more homeowners policies.  Next to life, these policies generally pay the highest commissions.  Every deal that comes from a LO will have a house involved.  It’s like solving two dilemmas at once.


Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of our prospects.  If you were a LO, who would you most want as YOUR perfect referral partner? The answer would be Realtors, Builders, Investors, or something along those lines.  Anyone who sells real estate is the perfect client for a mortgage broker.


You’re going to need to find perfect clients for the LO you are prospecting, if you intend on having him become your perfect referral partner.  That being said, it’s not as hard as you think.  I’ve put together 5 ways for insurance agents to get more business from loan officers.


Prospect Real Estate Agents for the LO


Here’s your chance to be the Trojan Horse the LO needs.  You see, realtors are what LOs want to work with, but realtors know LOs only want them for their business.  It’s like trying to pick up a hot chick at the bar, when you’re the drunk guy.  She sees you coming and immediately puts her guard up.  That’s what agents do too.


However, realtors don’t have anything to do with insurance, so you could ask them all day for business and they’d simple tell you “that’s not part of my job.” They don’t feel the need to put their guard up with an insurance person.


That’s when you take the time to sell the LO you want business from, to the realtor.


Social proof is one of the strongest forces of influence known to human beings.  When you want a recommendation, you trust another human for that recommendation.  If the person making the recommendation is a seemingly disinterested third party, and they seem passionate about something or someone, the person listening’s interest is usually piqued.


Leveraging the power of social proof, under the guise of a “trojan horse” messenger, you’ve got the ability to bring business back to the LO.   Once you give leads and clients to the LO, he/she will for sure feel the pressure of another important law of influence.


The law of reciprocity is one of the strongest principles behind lead gen there is.


The law of reciprocity simply stated is: If I do something for you, and I ask for a favor in return AFTER I’ve done it, you’ll feel more compelled to grant my favor.


Let’s break down the psychology behind this law.  If you get drunk, and call your buddy for a DD ride from the bar, and he picks you up, you’ll feel compelled to return the favor should he ever ask. Why? Because he hooked you up first. You owe him.


How does this translate over in the business world?


If I give you business and that business makes you a profit, we’ve got an imbalanced situation. It’s like the boy scout rule of Ds.  We gotta balance that shit back out.


If you hook me up, and then ask me to hook you up, the law of reciprocity states I’ll most likely return the favor.  Instead of being like most people, and asking for business with a possibility of returning the favor, you can show up with your best foot forward and earn their business.


Bottom line: As an agent, you should be making connections and gaining influence with Realtors.  Then leverage that influence and connection to gain influence and connections with LOS.  The more Realtors you get friendly with, the more LOs you can introduce.


Then, once you make the intro, hit the LO up for business.  If they say “they never sent me a lead” you can put that on them and their salesmanship (or lack there of) You can always say “I did my part, I can’t close them for you too”


Use the power of leverage, trojan horses, social proof and reciprocity to create an avalanche of business and be known as the agent who knows Realtors.  


The LOs will all come running your way, once the word gets out.  They are like hawks on the prey when it comes to finding out who has an in with the local Realtors.


As you know, a good LO can send you 5+ homeowners policies a month.  A great LO can send 10.  From there, as you know, you can offer the triple play discount and bundle the shit out of your polices for them.  Can you say upsell?


If you’d like to learn more strategies on how to attract leads, Realtors and LOs, simply go to and watch the free video.  Buy the program (if it fits your needs) and put what you learn into play.  Before you know it, you’ll have more LOs than you can stand.  All sending you big ass homeowners policies. You’re welcome



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The Reason Facebook Groups Are The Greatest Lead Gen Platforms in History

One of the questions I get the most frequently lately, is “How did you build the Sales Talk with Sales Pros group so fast?”  Matter of fact, on the last 20 calls I took, 100% of them asked me that very question.  100% of them also came to me as prospects from the STWSP group. thumb


I’ve been a “social media expert” for 5 years now.  I’m a student of the game.  I’ve paid and learned from the best.  I’ve created algorithm pattern interrupts like the syndicate method and the whip effect, while these are powerful hacks into facebook prospecting, they ain’t got shit on being the admin of a badass group.


With millions of groups online, how do ones like Cult of Copy, Tech Support For Real Estate Agents, and few others, get to the level they do, with such great engagement?


Before I answer that question, let me give you some background psychology going on inside facebook groups.  People may not even realize this is what attracts them to groups, but it is.


When you are on facebook, scrolling the newsfeed, creepin’ your friend’s pages or whatever it is you do there, you’re having to sift through the bullshit in order to see what you’re looking for (whatever it is)


In other words, you may not give a shit about pictures of someone’s kid, and you may be looking to see what the person does for a living.  Same with your friends. They may not care about your work and get annoyed that you post about it.  It’s complicated lol.


Meanwhile, groups are gatherings of like minded people who are all interested in a specific topic.  STWSP for instance, is a place where people can cuss, talk business, share sales tips and other entertaining stuff we, as sales dudes, want to see that the rest of fb may not want to see.


When like minded people gather, they can’t help but attract others who are like minded.  Look at the movie Fight Club. It was a small group, but somehow, even though no one was supposed to talk about it, they attracted the right type dudes. Think of FB groups the same way.  Mini Fight Clubs, sans the broken nose.


Also, I’ll have you know, I failed at getting groups to take off for years.  I made them all about me, my shit and what I could do.  As much as I’d like to think I’m cool, I’m not that fucking cool.


One of the reasons STWSP took off, is that it wasn’t about me or my shit.  People can get that from my profile page or fan page.  It was about a community of sales pros.  Same with cult of copy, it’s about people who are passionate writers.  The rest of the word, probably thinks we are weird.  We are. Same with us salesmen.


I didn’t just start STWSP and expect it to take off.  I was really strategic about it.  I wanted people to say “this is the best group on facebook” and I had that in mind from the beginning. In order to make it the best, I had to put some work in.


First thing I did was reach out to my homies that had value to add to the group, and asked them to add it.  At this point in my career, I’ve got a lot of favors I can call in, I called a few in. This attracted a good deal of people, due to them wanting to be associated with all of us, in one place.


The next thing I did was make the group consistently aggregate content.  I ask people to make videos, write posts, share shit etc.  From there, others wanted to be like the big dogs and contribute as well.  Before you know it, they were big dogs in the group too.  Turns out, we got a lot of them.


After that I made sure there was NO BS and NO SPAM in my group.  When someone arrives inside STWSP for the first time, I want them to see that it’s alive and full of conversations about real shit.  I want them to be amazed, not ray banned.


Last of all, I lead by example.  I consistently share my non-public shit with the group to not only add value, but incentivize others to do the same.  Since there is no selling shit in the group, we needed a way to demonstrate our badassery without pitching.  Giving away value, does that.


If you’re looking for the best groups on facebook try these:







Now you should know, it’s super easy to get kicked out of these groups.  No pitching, no selling, no BS, no links or spamming, just get in and fit in.  That’s the beauty of these groups, they protect the community’s integrity.


I’ve got more leads than I can count from my group of 3200 Sales Pros.  I’ve been able to learn what’s needed in our community, so I can make trainings and products that solve those problems.


I’ve got clients and friends whose entire business relies on being able to strategically prospect using facebook groups.  From agents to consultants, you can find laser targeted prospects even in the smallest groups.


If you’re not using fb groups to find the perfect prospects for your business, you’re missing out.  With ad free newsfeeds, and seriously like minded people meeting, you can get your prospect on with minimal distractions.


Don’t miss out on what’s now the wild west for facebook prospecting and marketing organically.  Also, I hope to see you inside the groups I listed above.  Fill out the form below and let’s talk about what groups will work for you and how we can work together.



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Rockstar Closer Radio: Telling It Like It Is with Tim Castleman

This week’s show brought to you by the book Hardcore [c]Loser my latest release. It’s a book about the crazy life I’ve lived and the lessons learned from it. You can grab your copy here  Tim Castleman
My guest this week is fellow friend and fellow Texan, Tim Castleman. Tim is a kick ass, digital entrepreneur who’ll shoot you straight, just like me. It must be a Texas thing! This week we are going to talk about the industry, the future of IM and why writing books is a skill few have, but many want.
I’ve been connected to Tim on facebook for years now. I originally was introduced to him because I clicked an affiliate link and wound up on his list. When I was a rookie marketer, his emails pissed me off. I’d unsubscribe then resubscribe. *sidenote: that must be how people feel about me now.
Funny how in the end, the bold, truthful, aggressive style of writing Tim uses, attracts exactly the type of entrepreneur he’s looking for. Hence why I always resubscribed. Now, he’s turned his writing skill into a badass biz. He’s the ONLY guy who can sell notes on events. (permission wise any way) His up front honesty got him that gig, I would imagine.
This is one of those shows you’ll probably listen to more than once. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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Are You Sure You’re Tracking Down Leads Every Way Possible?

When you get a lead in your inbox, what’s the first step you take to make contact?  Do you call?  Do you email?  Both?  What about texting them, do you do that? Follow Up


These days there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Wait, why would anyone want to skin a cat?  Where the hell did that saying come from?  You know it’s 100% a before the internet saying, because the internet loves cats.  This is the internet, no cats were harmed in writing this.


Damn, I really need to get my ADHD under control.


Back to the subject, leads.  There’s more than one way to track down leads.  Matter of fact there’s 6 that I personally use, and teach my clients to use.  As with anything else, some are more effective than others.  A couple are last resort.


Let’s name them off real quick, just to be sure we are all on the same page here.


1: Phone Call


2: Email Message


3: Text Message


4: Show Up in Person


5: Facebook


6: Snail Mail Message


It’s hard enough to generate leads, then even harder to get in contact with them.  It’s also our job as salesmen to exhaust every effort possible, in order to make sure we get an ROI on our advertising and marketing.


That means going through the check list of 5 contacts I listed above.  I don’t give two shits if you think it’s creepy to look someone up on facebook and message them or not, it’s the future and it’s gotta be done.


Back in the day, people thought it was creepy to call people, or door knock.  Now days those are normal ways to reach out to someone. At one point in the near future, it will be normal to contact a lead on social media.  Especially if you generated that lead on social media.


As usual, facebook is on top of this trend and ahead of the curve.  They allow you to track down leads on their site, with a phone number and or email.  Until recently you had to know the name of the prospect.  Not everyone’s real name is the name they use online.


Shocker!!! Not everything online is true!


I’ve made you this quick video to demonstrate how you can use information from online leads to find and message on facebook.  Imagine having your sales staff call, text, email, facebook message and direct mail every lead.


By the time the lead became a client, they would feel like you and them are BFFs.  It’s all about getting in front of the leads and making them feel familiar,  on average, it takes 7 points of contact to become familiar with a brand.  Imagine how fast you can do that using facebook.


A few, quick, chat messages and you’re all the sudden the salesman of choice.  It’s your duty as a salesman to make sure your prospects are contacted and all their questions answered about your product, so they can make an informed buying decision.  Even if it means doing so, on facebook.


Check out the video and don’t forget to share this with your SOI on social media.  Oh and if you’d like to find out what all sales products i’ve created, in order to help you make more $$$ simply click this link here



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Where To Find Sellers In Limited Inventory Markets

There’s not a single agent who can deny the fact that the housing market in the United States is on fire.  Even in cities like Detroit, houses are being bought and sold, every single day, multiple times a day.  real estate shopping online


I’ve even got friends whose markets are in the middle of no where, that are selling houses like hot cakes.  It’s all relative, I guess.  It’s not all rainbows and sunshine though, there are problems in good times, just like there are problems in bad times, they are just different problems.


Your job as a salesperson, entrepreneur, and Agent is to be a problem solver. 


Limited inventory can cause a domino effect, that only compounds the original problem. Basically what I’m saying is if there are no homes for sale, that means if you sell yours, you have no where to move to or buy.  It’s a stalemate like a north going Zax and a south going Zax (Dr Seuss reference)


Turns out, up to 40% of the homes that are for sale in the USA right now are NOT on any type of listing service.  From for sale by owners, to pocket listings, to sellers who are willing to sell at the right price, there are a lot of homes for sale that are not listed on some national database.


So how do you find all of those sellers so you can supply buyers in a stalemate market?


You’d need a database, a private database that was like “insider information” for agents to communicate that allowed them once again to be empowered with information.  After all, as Agents we don’t sell houses, we sell information.


The more information we have on the houses for sale, what the sellers will take for them, and if anyone else is trying to make an offers currently, that the public doesn’t have, the more our job as Agents, is secure.


Think about the old days.  You may not even remember when picture books existed.  You had to go with clients to other brokerages to flip through their books and see what they had listed for sale.  That or drive the streets (although gas was a lot cheaper then)


With big sites and syndication from billions of smaller sites, any home listed for sale publicly is sent out to all these websites.  Think of each of these websites as a hologram salesman trying to pitch that listed property. While good for the sellers, it’s rough on buyers because virtually 7 billion people have access to that sales pitch.


When you’re in a sellers market, your best bet for fast money is to work with buyers too, but often times it’s a lot of work to find them “the one” they really want.  Especially when they say “we’ve been online and really didn’t find anything we want”


If you had access to an alternative source of information that you could pull from that had houses listed on it that would normally be listed on FSBO sites, craigslist, and other one off sites that agents usually use to advertise.  Instead, if agents used one place to store coming soon and off market homes, the public and other agents would only have to look in one spot. Think of the saved time for buyers.


I’m not an agent but I thought, “surely the market has seen this need and has something out there that can fix this” and sure enough, there are several sites that do this.  Here’s the problem: there are several sites out there that do this.


Several sites don’t solve the problem of keeping everything in one place.  If we are entering our hip pocket listings in multiple obscure places, we might as well just leave them on FSBO and CL sites.  The purpose of “one place syndication” [the need] is not met.


I found a site that is still in its beta test format that has some pretty big players behind it. After I found it, I actually reached out the the team and met with them.  I believe they offer what we are missing in our community.


The site is and after meeting with them, I can tell you, the vision behind this is real, and perfect for what we need in our industry.  From concept to completion, there have been top level Agents, advisors and engineers involved at every level.


It’s not all rainbows and sunshine though, they/[we the real estate community] need to you be your own information aggregator as well.  Meaning it’s a place you can sell  your off the market properties too.  Expireds, Coming Soons, FSBOs, hip pockets, tax foreclosures, short sales and everything, all in one place.


The coming soon, aspect of Prevali is really where it’s at.  With agents like you, placing your coming soon properties online for the public to see, you, the agent, can keep a pipeline of homes that are sold before they are even for sale.  How impressive would it be to take listings and market them to the public and other agents before they are ready to be sold.


Here’s the thing about Prevali, that’s different, this is a site that’s agent owned, agent operated and not trying to rip you off by selling ad space on the listings you provide them with.  I’d be pissed if someone repurposed this article to sell their consulting.


After meeting with them and seeing what they have created, I wanted to help them grow and help spread the word to people like you.  Like I said, this company is still in beta mode.  One of the bi-products of what they are doing, is that buyer leads come in from different zip codes of people who want to buy properties before they hit the market.


This means there are leads for you to turn into buyers, just waiting for agents to reach out to them and show them why they should choose the right agent and why they should let a professional help them buy their next home.


With Prevali being brand new, virtually every zip code is open for the taken.  I’ve even made arrangements for you to be able to use the code STEWMAN when you sign up with them, to get the hookup.


This site has a ton of functions that are extremely useful in our industry but really boring for a guy like me to write about.  You’ll need to go over there to see what all is involved.


We’ve got to make the decision to unify off the market properties so we have a go-to place to find properties before they hit the major sites, before they are foreclosed, after they become expireds and even when they never went on the open market at all.  I believe Prevali is that place.


Check it out and if you have tech questions or whatever they also have a facebook group you can join for free.


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Rockstar Closer Radio: The Keys To killer Content with Chris Smith

My guest this week is a cool ass dude named Chris Smith.  Chances are, if you’ve been in real estate for a while, you’ve heard of him or seen him on stage.  I’ve learned a lot from watching Chris over the last 3 or so years and it’s been really cool to see how he’s accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Chris Smith


He wrote a book, created Curaytor, travels all over speaking constantly, and these are just the things I’ve noticed him tackling in the last few years.


Chris is an expert social media marketer and I fully plan on this show being packed with strategies you can implement into your business immediately.


*show sponsored by 

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Why Dan Gilbert is The Baddest Dude In The Mortgage Industry Right Now

If you’ve been in the mortgage biz for any amount of time, you’ve heard of and competed against Quicken Loans. If you’re like I was, when I wrote loans, you hate them. Why? Because they compete. Hard.dan gilbert
That competitive mentality must have come from their fearless leader Dan Gilbert. In an industry filled with pussies, Dan has the balls to stand up and do what needed to be done a long time ago. Fight the Government.
That’s right. He’s willing to stand up to the bullies at all those three letter worded government agencies. Politicians who don’t get political funds from big companies like Quicken, get upset and use agencies like the SEC and FTC to come down on non-donors.
Most banks just pay the Gov off. Not Dan though, he’s worked hard for his money, pays his fair share in taxes and isn’t going to just sit back and watch our trusted Government, fuck him out of that hard earned money he’s already paid taxes on.
The better story is that Dan’s company has kept its nose clean. They have one of the lowest FHA default records there is. They are also one of the biggest sellers of loans to the FHA.
You’d think, that with a clean record, and the way Quicken has taken over many marketplaces, the Gov would be giving them awards and celebrating them. Nope. Not in America, they only like winners if they can keep dirt on you. American hates dirt-free winners.
Any time a bank like Quicken shows up on the scene, the Gov always puts them back in their place. Think about Ameriquest, Ditech, GE and the likes. Once they blew up, the Gov got involved, investigated them, and shut them down.
They can’t do that to Dan though. Why? Because he knew this was going to happen, so he’s kept his nose clean. Think about the amount of our tax dollars that will get wasted on this. Think about the amount of time and resources that will get spent on this case, that could be used elsewhere. It’s sickening and scary.
What we can do is hope that when it all comes out in the wash, Dan Gilbert and Quicken Loans do not back down from the Gov bullies. If they do win, they lose anyway, but it could be a big win for other banks on the come up. This may stop the federal harassment. Quicken doesn’t feel like paying for congresses next raise, like BofA did.
If you’re in the mortgage business, whether you hate Quicken or not, this a huge case for you to keep your eyes on. The outcome of this battle could make a huge difference in the mortgage industry as a whole.
Meanwhile, somewhere off on a tropical island, Angelo Mozilo is scot free and tan as a motherfucker. Makes no sense huh? It does, once you realize the Gov is not on our side, they are against us. Countrywide corrupted a nation, the CEO has minimal legal battles. Meanwhile Quicken has stimulated the economy with the best loans on record and they are being attacked. It’s all pretty disturbing to the average mortgage broker.
Pay close attention to the progress in this turn of events. I know I will be.

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How To Make $30,000 Each Month As A Loan Officer

Math.  We all hate it, even though numbers is a big part of our job as a LO. Once we get consumed in the mortgage business, we forget what our goals were once we got in.  I’d say 99% of the LOs I’ve talked to, go into the business with the goal to be a millionaire, but after a couple of years or so, they settle around $10,000/month. Pay Concept


In all honestly, $10k a month as a LO ain’t shit.  I mean, fuck, when you look at it, knowing the average commission made on a loan is $2500, it only takes 4 closings each month to make $10k.  That’s one deal a week.  Are you kidding me?


Most of us come from humble beginnings.  I was working as a car wash manager prior to my time in the mortgage business.  A good portion of folks in the business waited tables prior to closing loans.


That means most of us were flat ass broke prior to joining this industry. 


Broke people can’t fathom being rich.  It probably sounds weird, but rich is a state of mind. You can’t have a poor mentality and be rich.  That being said, if you were waiting tables for $2.12/hour and then you get a job where you make $2500/closing, that’s a lot to take in.  It’s easy to say “I want to be a millionaire” but it’s not easy to actually believe you can handle the responsibility that comes along with it.


Matter of fact, back in 2013, I got into an argument on facebook with a commenter who got mad at me because I posted “If you’re not making at least $10k a month as a LO, you need to find another job” The person had excuse after excuse as to why $10k was hard to earn.  As I said earlier, it’s all in your head.


So, today, I’m going to break down some simple math and show you how easy it is to make $30,000 every month as a LO.  If you’re making more than that already, awesome, here’s how to increase and scale.  If you’re not currently making $30k each month, let me show you the way.


Now, much like anything else, I’m not promising you shit.  I’m just here to show you some simple numbers and how you can apply them to your prospecting in order to increase your income.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just because you read and understand this, doesn’t mean you will make money.  It’s the action part of doing this shit that makes it work.  That’s on you.


First off, let’s lay some background math in the mix.  Let’s say the average loan amount in your area is $250k.  Now wait, I know you probably just said “My average is like $180k, so I automatically can’t earn what he’s saying” and you’re wrong.  I don’t give a fuck where you live, there are plenty of $250,000 properties in your state.  You’re a loan officer, not an agent, so you’re not restricted anywhere geographically.  If you’re taking on small loan amounts, STOP.  This is a mindset thing and you need to adjust your thinking.


Second off, let’s assume you work for a broker, correspondent or bank and that you get paid 2% on every loan you close.  if your average loan is $250,000 and you make 2% of the loan amount, then your commission is $5,000 per loan closed, on average.


Now let’s look at what it takes to turn a $5,000 closed loan, into $30,000 a month in gross income. 


Simple math tells us that 30,000 divided by 5, is 6.  That means you need to close only 6 loans each month to hit the $30,000 mark.  If there are 30 days in a month, that’s one closed loan for every five days.  Pretty simple to figure out.


So why aren’t ALL LOs making $30,000 per month?


Most LOs, like most humans, have excuses out the ass.  They take on lower loan amounts, take shit deals from non producing agents, and other business and self sabotaging acts that keep them from doing some simple tasks that lead to consistent closings.


As a Loan Officer, you don’t have to go to showings, closings or even meet your clients in person.  If you need to close 6, $250k deals each month, that’s only 72 transactions a year. Trust me, there are way more than 72 homes over $250k in your state that sell each month, let alone each year. Oh and big math says that’s only $18,000,000 in closing volume for the year.


What does a loan officer need to do every day in order to hit the $30k per month mark?


Now that we’ve got all the math out of the way, let’s do the marketing part.  You can’t get loans without marketing.  Marketing simply means reaching out to people who personally could use a loan, or might know someone who needs a loan.  AKA Clients and Referral Partners.


If you reach out to only two realtors a day, you’ll have talked to 40 agents in a month, assuming you only work Monday through Friday.  Out of 40 agents each month, you should be able to get 3 to commit to send you business.  This may take free lunch meetings, several calls and time, but it will happen.


If each of those three agents send you one deal, every other month, you’ve got 1.5 loans each month covered before you wake up on the 1st, because you know they’ve gotta eat too.


On top of agents, if you talk to 2 other potential referral partners a day, you’ll have made 80 contacts each and every month.  If we use the same numbers and assume you pull 3 partners and they send you a referral every other month, you now have 3 deals each month no matter what.


But wait, it get’s better!


I’ve told you to make only 4 contacts a day so far.  This can all be done via facebook.  You can send 4 messages to people via chat, in a matter of just minutes a day.   I’m not asking for you to spend a huge amount of time prospecting each day.  I AM asking you to be strategic about WHO you prospect.


If you repeat the above formula for just two months, you will have the 6 loans you need each month.  What happens if you repeat the formula for 6 months?  Well, truth be told, you will lose some referral partners, piss some people off etc.  Shit happens, but with only needing to reach out to 4 people a day, you can stand to have a few drop offs from time to time.


Imagine the feeling knowing you have at least $30,000 worth of loans coming in to your pipeline, via referral partners, on a monthly basis.  What would you do with that money? Would you invest it in yourself, your business or your marketing?  You should.


If you’d like my personal help with implementing this formula into your mortgage business, all you have to do is fill out the form below.  I’ve personally helped dozens of LOs reach the $30k+ mark each month by simply following the formula above and me holding them accountable.  Just imagine the change that kind of money can bring to your life.


*You can also go to for more info on how you can effectively recruit referral partners using fresh leads as the lure.

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Loan Officers: Here’s The No BS Way To Get Referrals From Financial Planners

It’s no secret LO’s and Agents get along like cats and dogs.  There are a few canines and felines who can co-exist, but most of them chase each other and fight.  It’s just the nature of the beast when you have 1000′s of dollars in commissions on the line, in a short time crunch. financial planners


As a loan officer, when you get in a bad place with one of your agents, due to, what usually is no fault of your own, you start to look outside of real estate brokerages, for places to gain referrals from.


Or maybe, just maybe, you’re looking to tap into the jumbo market and you don’t know of any agents who handle the elite.  The ones you do know, say their clients “don’t need mortgages”.[bullshit]


Sure, you can prospect family attorneys for divorce cases and such, or you can hit up personality lacking CPAs and be bored out of your f’n mind talking with them.  Maybe you even hit up builders, which nowadays, have MSAs with damn near every vendor on the planet.


We all know, the ever elusive financial planner is the best referral source we can get.  Good clients with great credit, income AND assets.  It’s every LOs dream! But what can we do to get referrals from them?


For years now, I’ve had LOs come to me and ask how to get in with financial planners.  When I was a LO and I networked with planners, they always pumped me for leads, equally as hard I pumped them.  Problem was, their leads were millionaires in most cases, mine were FHA.  The ultimate mismatch in reciprocity.


Instead, in this short video, I’m going to share with you, a super badass sales tactic that will allow you to get in with financial planners and look like a hero to them.  They are salesmen, just like us.  They too need to continue to prospect and raise money for their portfolio and existing clients.  Enjoy and implement.


*Shout out to Chasity Graff, LO out of Louisiana, for inspiring this post


If you’re looking to generate your own, warm, buyer and seller leads from cold traffic, check out this free video at



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Rockstar Closer Radio: Winning Back America with Sean Whalen

I kind of feel like an asshole.  I’ve known Sean Whalen for years now, personally, and I’ve never had him on my show.  He’s one of the realest, coolest, dudes I know despite the fact that I’m (possibly) jealous of his beard. Sean Whalen


This show is different.  Sean and I talk about life, living, politics and religion.  This isn’t a “for closers only” type show.  We get deep into shit that’s wrong with the world today, and how it pains us to watch all this shit happen.


About the 30 minute mark, shit gets real and the program talks real shit, that everyone needs to hear.


Also, for all those people who’ve been watching Sean Whalen, wondering who he is and how he rose to fame, you’ll learn all about that on this show.  Make sure to share it with a friend if you dig it.



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Rockstar Closer Radio: Sold Is How I Roll with Adam Stark

This week my guest is badass salesman, realtor and closer, Adam Stark. Adam is a personal friend of mine and he’s honestly one of the best salesmen I’ve ever met. adam and me
In his marketplace there are less than 30,000 people. On the show he says that if you took Jeff City and added a 50 mile radius, you might get 30,000 people. Instead of complaining about being in a small market, with small home prices, Adam has figured out a way to become the #1 authority in his local real estate market.
It hasn’t always been that way for him though. Adam tells us about his journey and how he did it the hard way. He talks about the learning curves and his $19,000 a year job that he quit to take up a $12,000 annual income in real estate.
Like always, this is one of those shows that flies by and is over before you know it. Adam is a fast talker though. He gave out a lot of good content in a short amount of time. Typical Close style delivery.
Enjoy the show!

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What I’ve Learned From Doing Life The Hard Way

Earlier today, I was messaging back and forth with a client of mine who had tagged someone in one of my facebook posts that doesn’t like me.  I sent my client a message saying “don’t expect him to chime in.  I called him out, he hates me.” my way


My client asked me what I called the guy out on to make “such a nice guy hate me” and I told him the truth.  This guy wrote a book about being successful, telling others he was successful, when in fact he was average at best.  He got successful by lying to others on how to do it.


We ALL know people who’ve lied, cheated and shortcutted their way through life.  These are the same people who, unbeknownst to them, get messages like the one above, sent about them on a regular basis.


It’s easy to take a short cut.  It’s easy to manipulate people into thinking you are who you say you are, but when a real motherfucker shows up and calls people out, everyone calls the only real motherfucker in the equation, an asshole.  Trust me, I’m called an asshole at least 1-10 times a day, if not more.


Truth is, I’m not an asshole.  If you ask those around me, I’m one of the most giving, genuine people they know. I just have a deep down, unrelenting hate for bullshitters.  What makes this hate worse, is I see it everywhere.  It’s like The Matrix, I can’t unsee the bullshit and I damn sure can’t just go along with it.


Have you ever seen the episode of Chappelle’s Show where they have the segment on ‘When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong‘? Sometimes I feel like I’m that guy.  Meanwhile there is always something that reminds me why I should always keep it real.  I just don’t need to go to the extreme they do in that episode.


The one thing that nobody can say about me is that I didn’t earn this shit on my own.  Lots of people say they are self made but very few made it themselves.  No one handed me shit.  No one paid my bills, no one gave me priceless free advice and nobody gave me a free ride.


That being said, I don’t owe shit to anyone and it feels good.  I also don’t have anything to hide that someone could hang over my head.  I’m the very definition of a free man and damn it feels good.


The only downside is that I get pissed when I see others taking short cuts.  I see the lies, deception and bullshit that goes on in business deals.


When I was a LO, I was always brutally honest with clients.  If I couldn’t get their business with brutal honesty, I didn’t want it.  Sometimes people would leave me for someone with better fees, then come back and find out that the other person was lying.  I hurt for those clients probably more than they hurt for themselves.   I know the pain of being lied to by someone you trust.


It hurt so bad that I wanted to make sure I was never responsible for creating that type of pain in someone’s life.  I would have never made a good thief or con artist, I’ve got too much compassion and empathy for humans.


That being said, I’ve built my business and my life around honesty and being real.  No one has their thumb on me, no one tells me what is right or wrong and no one can blackmail me.  I don’t have much, but what I have, I earned.  I see myself as the consulting world’s Redman. Still keepin it real in the hood, refusing to sell out, and still GOAT.


I treat my clients that same way.  When they’ve done the work and have arrived at the place they set out to get to, none of their competitors can legitimately hate. I mean they can talk shit, but they’ve gotta respect the hustle at the same time.


This is not the case with their other competitors so it forces them to focus hating on someone other than you which means you win, and you are the better person.  It doesn’t mean you make the most money and get the most clients though.  Matter of fact, the absence of lies often means the opposite.  For some sadistic reason, people love to be lied to.


This is the reason so many salesmen lie for business.  First off, it’s easier to lie than set real expectations. Second, it’s almost like the consumer wants to be lied to.  They need a promise that’s too good to be true, in order to make a move, then act surprised and hurt when it worked out exactly as they originally suspected.


It’s almost like prospects are begging to be lied to, and we are just fulfilling a self righteous prophecy.  I can promise you this though, in a world full of stinky bullshit, you can be a breath mint of hope to the right people if you just keep at it until you find them.


In reality, the biggest lesson I’ve learned by doing life the hard way, is I don’t owe anyone shit.  I’m debt free, bullshit proof and whatever anyone says about me is probably the truth, like it or not.  This is a lesson in freedom, a lesson that must be learned the hard way.


After all, we see the same people who take shortcuts having to start all over time after time.  We see them running from the call outs of their peers.  We see them for who they are after a while and they become nobody,  Meanwhile society eventually respects everyone.


My suggestion to you, is that if you are tired of hiding behind the bullshit, you simply come out with the truth.  The damage it might do to you, surely underweights the upside of respect and money that the marketplace will reward you with by being real.


Not to mention how the universe aligns its interests with yours when you get real with yourself and society. You owe it to everything you’re gonna earn to be real, authentic and unchanged by sheep’s opinions. It’s the Closer’s way.



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Rockstar Closer Radio: Taking It To The Top with Tyson James Lee

It’s always cool to see the next generation of sales masters rise up.  Especially when they rise as fast as Tyson James Lee has.  This guy is on fire.  He seriously can’t lose.  He’s so in alignment with who he is and what he wants the world is falling into his hand at this point.tyson


On this episode, Tyson and I talk sales, life and the truth about uncomfortable situations.  He talks about his 5 point check list that has led him to closing millions in sales in just a short time.


This is where it gets real though, Tyson talks about being homeless and not knowing what to do with is life until one day a guy shows him the way.  The guy who happened to show him the way, was my third or fourth client and has been a guest on the show before! What a small world, I had no idea.
You’ll love this show, all we ask is that you share it.  Help us spread the word.


*This episode brought to you by


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[Cheat Sheet]: How To Close Your First Sale

I remember my first sale like it was yesterday.  I had been begging the manager at the car wash to let me sell car washes for over two years at this point.  I was 13 and I wanted to talk to people.  More importantly, I wanted that commission money. cheat sheet


Much like most of us, I worked in the process, not sales, department at first.  I constantly watched guys make more money than me by simply talking to people.  I knew I could do it and I had been pestering the shit out of my boss to let me try.


Then one day, the normal sales dude called in sick.  They needed a quick replacement and I was the only one there who spoke English.  They had to let me try sales.  There was literally no one else there at the car wash who could possibly take on the task of sales for the day.


I already knew what car washes we offered. I already knew what was in each package. I had been doing the work since I was like 10 years old.  All there was to it now, was to step up and start talking to people as they pulled on the lot.


At 8:01am the first car pulled up.  It was a sparkling blue Cadillac with an old ass man driving it.  He rolled down the window and said “I’ll take the regular $6 wash please.” It was at this time, I knew it would make or break my day.  I had no clue it would make or break my career, but ultimately that’s exactly what it did. It made my career.


“You know Sir, I’ve seen you come in here, in this car now for several years.  I can tell you love this car, you always keep it clean.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you get anything but a regular wash.  This sparkling paint job won’t always be so nice if you don’t put wax on it.  Plus, I see that black spot on  your carpet over there too, does seeing that drive you crazy or what?”


“Yes I drives me crazy, I keep meaning to shampoo it out.  I wax this car myself, at home.  That’s why the paint still looks so good.” he said with a smile


“Sir, do you get sore after a full day of detailing your car?” I asked


“Yeah, I’m not getting any younger” he replied


“Look, I can have this car waxed and ready in under an hour, and I’ll also get that pesky black stain out of your carpet too.  This car will leave the lot looking like the day you drove it off the lot and you won’t have to lift a single finger or feel any soreness. Today the price is only $69.95.  Yes, that’s 10 times what you wanted to spend, but for you, it has 100 times the services and benefits.  Let’s get this bad boy caddy shined up today.”


“Ok, sounds good. Sign me up.”


The smile on my face was so wide, it damn near broke my jaw.  I had done it. At age 13 I had talked someone into spending 10x’s what they planned on and they were super happy.  Around age 14 one of the managers of the car wash gave me some Zig Ziglar cassettes which would change my mind and life forever.  I’ve been a student and teacher of the sales game every since.


Since that first sale, I’ve went on to make 100′s of thousands more.  Hell, I sold exactly 1472 car washes in one ten hour work day before.  Needless to say, I got the full sales experience from selling $6 car washes to selling $6 million dollar real estate transactions.  From car washes to consulting, I’ve learned a lot of lessons that will help you avoid many of the mistakes most new salespeople make.


As I referenced in an earlier post, sales is not for everyone.  If you’re not sure if you should be in sales, you shouldn’t be.  If you’re like me, and you KNEW that you were destined to be in sales, and you’re just now getting started, let me put you in the game at full speed.


First off, you don’t have to be a know it all to be a good salesman.  Stop thinking you’ve gotta have all the answers.  Confidence will eventually come from your knowledge, but in the beginning your confidence should come from your ability to find the answers, not just spout off bullshit.  Trust me, if you spout off BS answers, you will regret it later when the clients ask for the BS you offered.


Nobody becomes a master of their craft in an instant.  You’re going to hear the word “no” a hell of a lot more than you’ll hear “yes”. Get used to it, it’s part of the job.  In order to be a good salesman, you’ve got to just accept the fact that not everyone will buy from you.  Don’t take “nos” personal.  Just take them.


Mastering your craft begins with making your first sale.  The idea is to improve your sales skills with every encounter you make with a prospect.  It all starts with sale #1 though.  What can you do to get that first fish in the net?


First, make sure you are going to attempt to sell the right person.  The right person for your first sale is usually a stranger.  i know most people say sell to your friends and family but honestly they usually won’t trust you at first, because they know you.  Strangers have no idea how long you’ve been at it, unless you tell them.


Strangers will make their buying decision based on the experience they have with you, not the fact that last week you were flipping burgers.  After you close a few strangers, take that experience back to your friends and family and work them at that point.


Second, learn everything there is about what they fuck you are selling.  Nothing is worse than blowing a sale because you were too lazy to find out everything you could about how it benefits the people you are selling it to.  Don’t skip out on product knowledge, your prospects will see right through you.


Before you start your sales job, do the research.  You’ll not only impress the prospects, you’ll for sure get the job since you made the effort to learn about the company and products. If you don’t know everything about it, don’t lie.  Simply find the answers.


Third, be yourself.  Confidence comes from being comfortable with who we are. Don’t pretend to be ballin, don’t pretend to have all the answers if you don’t and don’t be intimidated by the prospect.  Simply treat them as if you’re old pals who are about to help each other out.


People like to buy from people they like, be likeable.  In order to be likeable, you have to be you.  No one can truly decide if they like you if you don’t let them know who you are and you pretend to be someone else.  Be honest, straight forward and confident.


Fourth of all, you gotta set the proper expectations.  Don’t let the prospect bully you into losing your commission.  Hold firm, stay confident and they will appreciate your negotiation and sales skills.  When you know what you sell is worth the price you charge for it, don’t let anyone talk you into taking less.


Prospects like to be given instructions and led.  For the most part, they have no clue what all comes along with your job, treat them so.  Inform them of how it works, what to expect and make sure you have properly answered all of their questions.


Fifth of all, don’t take the first “no” as a real no.  As I said earlier, you’re going to hear the word no, a lot.  It doesn’t always mean no and most of the time it sounds more like “lemme think about it” or “not right now” or even worse “lemme check with (insert scapegoat)”


People hate making decisions because then it means it’s over and they have to commit. Once a decision is made, they have to stick to it.  This means if it is the wrong decision they are stuck.  Your job is to show them why, what you have, is the best decision they can make.


Really and truly, the best way to make a sale is to just go out and do it.  You’re going to screw a few leads up.  Learn from those screw ups.  Take note of the common objections and rebuttals you get.  Learn and memorize word tracks that you can spit out mindlessly so you can double think/talk to your prospects better.


Getting your first sale is like a drug.  Getting the money from that first sale is the addiction behind the drug.  Once you’re hooked you can never go back to the real work world.  It will never be the same and you’ll only feel a dull and mundane existence.  You’re better than that when you’re in sales.


Sadly what you read in the headline, as far as “cheat sheet” is not 100% true.  It was a gimmick to get you to read this.  There is no cheating in sales.  At least not in the long run, you’ll be run out. What I’ve given you is a cheat sheet that says you can’t cheat.  The more honorable you are in sales, the more people will buy your shit.  That’s the best advice I can give you.


Always, always, always sell with integrity.  If you don’t believe in what you are selling, don’t sell it.  If you wouldn’t or don’t buy what you sell, don’t sell it.  Do unto your prospects as what you would want done unto you.


Lastly, remember this: Closing is a service.  You’re doing them a favor by ending their search and solving their problem.  They may object at first, but they will thank you in the end. Trust me.


I’ve got a program that’s 100% dedicated to sales training.  Just for reading this post, I’ll give you 4 free sales videos that cover solid strategies you can put to work immediately.  You can get your free videos at


Remember, to master anything, you must practice it daily.  Go sell something today!

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Why I Quit Using The Word “Mastermind”

Until about 24 months ago the word “mastermind” was not common speak.  The only people who had ever been exposed to the word were those of us who had read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. That’s not the case any more. floppys


It seems like everyone that’s an entrepreneur now belongs to some sort of mastermind. Not all masterminds are created equal though.  Trust me.  I’ve made the mastermind circuit.  I’ve paid as much as $25,000 to belong to high level mastermind groups.


In 2013 I joined my first high level mastermind. It cost me way more than I had at the time to spend, but I made it happen.  I quickly found myself surrounded by some of the smartest people I’ve ever met.  From that group I made some of the coolest connections on Earth.


From there I joined at least 10 more masterminds at a minimum buy in of $10,000.  At one time in 2013 I was paying over $10,000 a month in just high end mastermind memberships. Needless to say I’ve most likely been a member of your favorite marketer’s group.


Some of the masterminds I belonged to met weekly, some monthly, some online and some in person.  There’s no ‘one size fits all’ template to masterminds.  Different groups serve different purposes.


Lately though, in my opinion, the word “mastermind” is simply thrown around too much.  It has lost its power and meaning.  In 2013, when you said “I belong to XYZ Mastermind”, it meant something.  I know I had a sense of pride attached to belonging to an elite group of outside of the box thinkers.


Flash forward to 2015 and everyone and their pet lizard is a part of a mastermind.  The meaning of mastermind went from ‘elite group of outside of the box thinkers conspiring to take a common action” to “shit people say they are a part of” it definitely watered down the idea and feel of mastermind membership.


I saw an article about a month ago about how Michael Kors had watered their brand down so much that it wasn’t seen as a status bag any longer.  They had essentially become their own enemy.  They had bags that ranged from $2000 to $200 so that everyone could afford to carry their purses.  The problem is that if the general public has no idea if you paid $200 or $2000 the “I’m better than you” appeal is lost.  Market demand soon follows.


I feel the same about the word mastermind as the market feels about MK, lukewarm.  I couldn’t care less.  The once elite meaning is now gone.  Not too long ago when someone said they were in a mastermind, you had to figure they spend good money and had some market value to their business.  Now anyone can be in a mastermind, just like anyone can afford an MK purse.  The allure of scarcity is lost.


I run my business focused on staying 100 steps ahead of everyone else, and I run an elite consulting business not some general mastermind.  The concept of being in a paid mastermind is amazing, but the word is now considered lackluster among elite entrepreneurs like myself.


If Joe Schmoe’s mastermind is $97 a year and John Doe’s is $25,000 a year, yet both members can say they are in a paid mastermind, the appeal is lost.  Also the more the public starts to use a new, trending buzzword, the faster it goes out of style.  Think “chillax”.. No one really says it anymore, it’s an old buzzword.


The internet world needs more masterminds about as bad as instagram needs more pictures of wanna be fitness models. Any time I see a trend starting to be overused, I always think back to what Warren Buffett once said. “Be fearful when everyone else is greedy, be greedy when everyone else is fearful”


It was due time for me to switch it up.


About 4 months ago I asked my clients to stop referring to me as a ‘coach’ and start referring to me as what I am, a retained business and marketing consultant.  This is a simple demonstration in the power of words.


Everyone, even your 4 year old, has a coach.  When you hear someone say “my coach says” you probably cringe.  When people say “I’ve retained a high level business and marketing consultant who says”, it carries a lot more weight. It sounds more formal and it’s not something most of us hear on a daily basis.


I’ve done the same for the word mastermind.  I just can’t stand to be like everyone else.  I like to be on the forefront.  Matter of fact, that’s what my clients retain me for, to to help them stay ahead of the game. While they focus on their business, they can count on me to focus on finding solutions to the problems that come with running any business.


So, if I’m not using the term mastermind, what are we calling it?  Since December 2014 we’ve referred to the Tribe as a Business Growth Forum or BGF for short.  Think again here about the power of words. If everyone is in a mastermind but you belong to a business growth forum, it just sounds more formal and powerful.


There’s a reason I don’t dress in camouflage every day, it’s because I don’t want to blend in, I want to stick out.  Creating the new wave of language is just one of the ways marketing allows me to do just that.


I’m not knocking masterminds, I’m just saying they are now the Michael Kors of internet marketing groups.  I’m just doing my part to make sure my clients understand that nothing we do together is average or like anything else, I encourage you to send the same message to yours.

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Rockstar Closer Radio: Why Can’t They Just Let Us Be Salesmen?

Why is it that every time one of us excels at sales, the higher ups always try to move us into management?  It’s like being a really good Chef and then people telling you it’s time for you to learn how to farm. salesman


It makes no sense.  Or does it?


In order for people to move up the ladder in the corporate world, they have to replace themselves.  This means, that if your boss wants to move up, he has to get someone to take his job replace him.  If you’re the person who makes the boss the most money, they will try to move you first.


The employee mentality is strong here in America.  We’ve been taught that management is our goal in regard to employment.  That’s not how salespeople should think though.  We are different.  We don’t have the employee mindset.  We are hunters.


In this podcast I’ll explain the strange phenomena of sales to management and I’ll give you some advice on whether you should move up or stay in sales.  While most of us salesmen need to stay right where we are, there are a few of us who will do good in management.


After you listen to this entire episode, you can decide for yourself.  Speaking of sales, if you want to increase your lead flow and closing ratios check out this free I made for you at otherwise, enjoy the show.

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Seven Signs That Sales Is NOT For You

Love us or hate us, everyone wishes they were a salesman.  At the least, everyone wishes they could do better at selling.  Truth is, most people don’t belong in our industry and that’s why it’s so fucked up.


It’s all the shitty employees, posing as salesmen, who think they can hop in the game and make a quick buck like the rest of us.  The most common customer complaint about salesmen isn’t “he overcharged me” it’s “he didn’t know what in the hell he was doing.”


You can use the google and find a ton of articles about getting into sales and how to find what area of sales best fits your personality.  Here’s a huge set of advice from a master salesman, if you have to think about getting in sales, you don’t belong.  Salesmen just DO it, we don’t think about it.


While there may be a ton of resources to help you get into sales, I want to do us all a favor and give you the signs up front as to why you should NOT get into sales.  After reading this, if you feel up to the challenge, you’ll do well.


Let’s cut to the chase here, sales ain’t for everybody.  They say there’s an 80/20 rule, but it’s been my experience that it’s more like 95/5.  Meaning that 95% of the people in sales either fail or are just barely making it.  These are the same assholes who bitch about how they can never get ahead but are unwilling to do the work. “The leads are weak!” “Fuck you, you’re weak!”


One thing to add before I get into this is that if you consistently end up in the friend zone, just stop.  Stop reading and move on.  if you can’t close the opposite sex to like you, you ain’t gonna be able to close the general public.  Now, with that out of the way…
The first sign that you’re not cut out for sales is if you think a lot.  If you’re the quiet type who rarely has a quick witted reply for almost everything, you WILL struggle in handling objections from prospects.  Salesmanship requires us to be able to quickly counter objections with positive rebuttals.


I’m not saying you must be a fast talker or sound like a southern baptist preacher, I’m just saying you’ve got to be able to speak and act quickly.  If a prospect throws out an objection, or even a simple question and you sit there and think about it, with a stupid, deep thought, look on your face, they will throw you out of the office. You’ve got to reply immediately and show the prospect your confidence and competence.


The second sign that you’re not cut out for sales is if you can’t stand to go a few months without a paycheck.  You gotta pay the cost if you’re gonna close like a boss.  There are a few, but not many sales places that pay immediately.  Meaning you usually have to build a pipeline, follow up with that pipeline, close that pipeline and prospect the whole time.


A sales cycle may be up to 6 months in some cases.  Some folks get a good lick right off the bat, but most of us have a HUGE learning curve to catch up on.  And an earning curve.  If you live at home, now is the time to get into sales.  Jump in while your bills are low and you have a savings.  If you need to make money today, most sales jobs can’t help you.


The third sign you should run away from a sales job is if you hate meeting new people.  If the thought of having lunch with a different stranger every day of the week scares the shit out of you, you’re not cut to fit in.  if you’re scared to greet people as they walk up to you, you should just stick to whatever it is you do now.


You may think that your friends and family will buy from you, but in most cases you’re going to need to rely on strangers.  Or as we call them in sales “prospects”.  Chances are, your friends and family will be the last ones to buy from you and only after you’ve proved them wrong.  Which brings me to number four,


The fourth sign you shouldn’t even apply for a sales job is if you’re not ready to listen to all of your friends and family try to crush your income goals.  It may sound crazy now, but when you talk to your non sales friends and tell them how you either plan to make $20k a month or how you already are, they will become haters. It’s just how it is.


Once you buy your Lambo you will find out you gotta fight haters like Rambo.  They will say you scam people.  They will say you must be doing something shady.  They will say it all and if you’re not ready to ignore it or defend it, you might as well quit now  The ones closest to us are always the first to doubt us.


The fifth sign you shouldn’t even waste your time with even thinking about sales is if you can’t picture yourself rich.  Making a lot of sales mainly comes from within.  If you can’t picture yourself already making big money, you won’t be able to make big money.


I know people who make millions a year who are salesmen.  Not CEOs, not Business Owners, just salesmen.  In any profession it’s possible with enough prospects.  You’ll never get there though if you don’t believe it can happen for you.  One of the biggest traits in all salesmen is our dream is bigger than we are.


The sixth sign that you’re not made to close a sale is if you’re not coachable.  The best sales people I know have mentors, consultants and bosses.  You’re going to be told what to do by managers, CEOs, regulators and clients.  If you can’t take direction with a grain of salt and implement it, you won’t make it.


You’ve got to open your mind to any new angles and possibilities  that can help you get better at sales.  You can’t learn sales from a book, you learn it from someone else and if you’re too good to take direction you can kindly find another industry now.


The seventh sign that you’re not cut out to close, is if you’re a giant pussy. Most salesmen and women are badasses.  They are thick skinned people who are not afraid to take criticism and move on.  In any sales job you can expect people to be assholes from time to time when you ask them for business.  I’ve even had people complain on my facebook ads.  It’s just going to happen.  If you can’t deal with being picked on and rude to, you should run now. We don’t need you to go calling the suicide hotline on day one of the grind.


Prospects and the general public have a bad taste in their mouth for salesmen, it’s because many people think it’s quick money and fuck the reputation up.  Because of this, you’re going to have to endure ridicule.  If you’re not able to take it, you will eventually bury your head in the sand and quit.


Like I’ve said throughout this whole post, we need less people in sales and more professionals in sales.  Most people aren’t cut out and if someone doesn’t belong why not place them in a job that better suits them instead of forcing them into sales.


Just because the dumb guy waiting on your table can say hello and is funny when he reads the menu off, doesn’t mean he’s going to be good in sales.  Personality can only get you so far.  A salesman needs personality, wits, sharpness, relentless hustle and ability to work for no gratitude and starve.


Sales is a tough job.  We are on the front lines each day and if you can’t imagine trying to change the world around you, one sale at a time, you simply ain’t got it in you man.  Share this if you’re a salesman.

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