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Marketing Ballin on a Budget Style

Not everyone can afford to step into the marketing world with top-notch tools. Even buying stuff that is $20 here, and $50 there, adds up quickly. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to achieve [..]

facebook numbers

The REAL Numbers that Matter on Facebook

For the last few years, people on facebook have been trying to up their friend count. After all, the more hands you shake, the more money you make. This rule applies on facebook too. The more friends you [..]

Online Marketing Help on High Rental Fees

The Rent is TOO DAMN High [Ryan's Rants]

I just paid $6.49 at lunch today for beans and rice with a tortilla. WTF is going on with prices across the board? Our chip bags are filled with air, our cuts of meat are getting smaller and the COST OF [..]

Tanja and Her Online Marketing Ideas

Ashley Stewman’s Rant About Me [Ryan's Rants]

I’ve been telling Ashley Stewman she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, since 1997. Since 2010 I have been trying to convince her to step out of her comfort zone and get in front of the [..]