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mortgage marketing flyers

Why You Should Not Use Mortgage Marketing Flyers

Somethings never go out of style and will always be effective. Mortgage marketing flyers are not one of those things. First off, we live in a digital age. Secondly, we should really be trying to save trees. [..]


The $2,000 Happy Hour Story

I spend all day every day telling people to work their sphere of influence on social media. You only get one chance to make a powerful first impression as well as a lasting online relationship. I’ll [..]

cold calls

The NEW Cold Call is Inbox Messaging

I’m not here to burst anyone’s bubble (well-maybe I am) but if you are still relying on cold calls to grow your business, you might as well go back to being a door to door salesman. Now before [..]

facebook numbers

The REAL Numbers that Matter on Facebook

For the last few years, people on facebook have been trying to up their friend count. After all, the more hands you shake, the more money you make. This rule applies on facebook too. The more friends you [..]

Fake Gurus

Beware of Fake Ass Gurus [Ryan's Rants]

I see ads all over the internet and facebook regarding people who offer to mentor and coach people to greatness. Every time I see these ads I look up the person and their accomplishments. I am very protective [..]


How To Get Over 200 Facebook Comments Fast

One of the hardest things for human beings to do is to be authentic. It’s been my experience if you point the finger, you are generally hiding something. I’ve never been one to point fingers [..]

survey says

What Realtors Really Want From Loan Officers

Last week I was in Las Vegas at a private mastermind with some of the brightest people from around the world. I spent two days locked in a 9,000 sq ft home with nothing to do but make money with money [..]