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Fredrik Hangout

The Art of Originality with Fredrik Eklund

If you’re not watching Bravo TVs Million Dollar Listing NYC, you are missing out on the awesomeness that is known as Fredrik Eklund. I might be a little biased here, but Fredrik is the reason for [..]

bull balls

3 Ballsy Moves that Lead to More Closed Sales

Yeah. Yeah. We all know you’re reading this because you want to close more sales. Who doesn’t want to close more sales? Losers and lazy people don’t want to close more sales, which for [..]

scared of sales

The Scariest Part About Being in Sales

We’ve all heard it. People say things like “You have a great personality, you’d do good in sales” but there’s more to it than personality. You need things like finesse and [..]

Katrina ad pic

Tycoon Selling with Katrina Campins

If you’ve ever watched an episode of “Miami Social”, “The Apprentice” or “Hot listings Miami” then you should have seen Katrina Campins. Katrina is not only a [..]


How to say “NO” to Opportunities

First know this; the more successful you become in sales, the more people will show up in your life trying to distract you from your goals, so they can meet theirs. Generally people associate a good salesman [..]

Sean and Me

A Day in the Life of 2 Salesmen

Recently, I’ve opened up a mastermind group for Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing LA. Sean Matheis and I got Josh to agree to help a maximum of 50 agents. I agreed to do the marketing and selling [..]

meme pool

Marketing Ballin on a Budget Style

Not everyone can afford to step into the marketing world with top-notch tools. Even buying stuff that is $20 here, and $50 there, adds up quickly. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to achieve [..]