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Will You Buy My Sh!t? Check Yes or No

Remember sitting in 4th grade math and not staring at the blackboard, (yes, I’m old) but looking at the cute girl sitting 2-3 desks in front of you all day? Better yet, remember when you FINALLY [..]

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Marketing Ballin on a Budget Style

Not everyone can afford to step into the marketing world with top-notch tools. Even buying stuff that is $20 here, and $50 there, adds up quickly. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to achieve [..]


How To Use Instagram To Sell More Real Estate

I was at my nephew Cooper’s high school graduation ceremony at his church this past week and the other kids roasted the Seniors. It was quite comical. One of the biggest things that stuck out in [..]


The $2,000 Happy Hour Story

I spend all day every day telling people to work their sphere of influence on social media. You only get one chance to make a powerful first impression as well as a lasting online relationship. I’ll [..]

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The NEW Cold Call is Inbox Messaging

I’m not here to burst anyone’s bubble (well-maybe I am) but if you are still relying on cold calls to grow your business, you might as well go back to being a door to door salesman. Now before [..]

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The REAL Numbers that Matter on Facebook

For the last few years, people on facebook have been trying to up their friend count. After all, the more hands you shake, the more money you make. This rule applies on facebook too. The more friends you [..]


45+ Useful WordPress Facebook Plugins

[repostus jump=4 hash=8d09af1e920546f798e212288ec9a41e title=45%2B+Useful+WordPress+Facebook+Plugins short=1DARk snip=45%2B+Useful+WordPress+Facebook+Plugins+by+Dustin+Betonio+on+April+23%2C+2013+With+a+WordPress+Facebook+plugin%2C+you+can+integrate+Facebook+with+your+blog+or+website+or+the+other+way+around.+Trust+me+there+are+several+advantages+of+doing+this+and+many+businesses+do+it+to+take+optimal+advantage+of+social%26hellip%3B [..]