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Katrina ad pic

Tycoon Selling with Katrina Campins

If you’ve ever watched an episode of “Miami Social”, “The Apprentice” or “Hot listings Miami” then you should have seen Katrina Campins. Katrina is not only a [..]

Kate Buck

Social Media Maniacs: The One with Kate Buck

After 3 years of continuously and not recommended, cyber stalking the world-famous Kate Buck(jr) I finally blackmailed her into coming on the show. Seriously y’all, she is not cheap or easy to scrape [..]

SMM the one with everyone

Social Media Maniacs: The One with Everyone On It

Last week Nick Carpenter told me he was going to be preoccupied this week and unable to co-host the HOA. He sent me a list of possible co-hosts and told me to find a replacement. I decided to find replacements [..]

social blogging for business

Social Blogging for Business

SOCIAL BLOGGING FOR BUSINESS You’re not blogging? That has got to be the equivalent of an unpublished College Professor or a business that doesn’t do any advertising or showing up for work NAKED. (Unless [..]

Social Media Marketing Ideas as the Prime Time Strategy to Gain Worldwide Audience

The 5 Social Media Prime Times

Marketing 101 taught us all to know our audience.  I’ve taken it one step further by making my clients identify their perfect customer. You see, we waste so much time trying to cast a broad marketing [..]

Social Media Marketing Ideas: The Power of Social Media Syndicate

The POWER of A Social Media Syndicate

As a real estate agent, have you ever really thought about who your ideal customer is? You see, real estate agents, when asked to define their perfect customer, too often times say, “anyone looking to [..]