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Top 30 Hardcore Badasses of All Time

A few days ago I commissioned a painting of Bruce Lee from one of my favorite artists Rob Secades. I was telling Ashley (my wife) how I was going to hang the painting in my office. She suggested I get [..]


5 Habits of High Powered Performers

In my years as a BAMF salesman, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many high level performers. From professional athletes, to CEOs, Entrepreneur Millionaires and I even met a billionaire once. Money [..]

Ryan and Sean

The Life of a Traveling Salesman

This year I’ve taken at least one trip out of state every month. I’ve been to NY, NJ, VA, CA, NV, CO, MO, DC, FL and more I can’t remember. For the most part, I’ve kept my travels [..]

Tony Romo

Are you the Tony Romo of Sales?

Could you imagine waking up being Tony Romo on Monday morning after having one of the best games in Dallas Cowboy history, but still losing? The guy can’t win a game to save his team it seems. I’m [..]

locked facebook

Employers and Facebook Passwords [Ryan's Rants]

There is a lot of BUZZ in the news lately about employers and their requests for Facebook passwords. I have an opinion on this and would like the worlds feedback. Watch this quick video and tell me what [..]

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Loan Officers & Realtors can join in on

Realtors and loan officers can now have a video conference or screen share with non-tech savvy custmers. Simply using the free software provided at This video shows you easy step by step [..]

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Social Media is Driving Me Crazy [Ryan's Rants]

Check out this old skool rant! This was my very first and as you very well know, there are many more to come! This was one of my very first videos and it still makes me laugh (because I sucked so bad, [..]