Sales Savage Bonus: The Ultimate Bundle for Modern Sales Pros

When you can generate your own leads and close your own sales, you hold the power. ”
  • Modern Lead Gen: Create an endless supply of warm leads delivered right to your email, 24/7.
  • New Age Sales Strategies: Closing self-generated leads is like shooting fish in a barrel!

What's Included In This Package:

20 Motivational Monday Replays

You'll get 20 replays of the Motivational Monday calls from my $30,000/year Tribe coaching program. These are the weekly high-level calls I do with my highest level clients.

Value - $5600

Ultimate Funnel Training Academy           

You'll get my top ten converting funnels and the ad strategies to match. In most cases you can create one of my working funnels in less than an hour. You are only one hour away from unlimited leads!

Value $2500

Badass Salesman Kit

These are my top 14 sales training videos. You'll learn all you need to know about closing self generated, inbound leads. You'll literally be a follow up beast!

Value - $997

Permission Based Selling

PBS is the ULTIMATE follow up sales training. This program takes you from funnel, to follow up. You'll be impossible to ignore if you just fall into our system.

Value - $697

Elevator To The Top (Limit First 25)

My 15X best selling book strictly about sales. This book is full of practical actions you can take to instantly start selling more of whatever it is you sell.

Value - $14.99

Own It Academy

I've been through hell and back. Most of us have. Coming from the bottom really messes with your mind. In order to win big you must think big and thinking big is learned, not intuitive. I'll help you master your mind.

Value - $297